DIY: Daisy Denim Shorts

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hello Everyone! Today my post is going to be a 'DIY' post on how to make cut-off daisy denim shorts. I've tried my best to thoroughly explain the steps as they're quite simple but if you want some more information then comment asking. You don't necessarily have to add the daisies or any embellishment, you could just leave them as ordinary shorts. I realise it's coming into winter now so shorts aren't exactly the best thing to be wearing however, I will keep these until next summer and even if the daisies aren't in fashion, I'll be able to unpick the threads and sew a new embellishment on. Also, I have no idea why but the first 3 pictures won't line up and it's really irritating so please just ignore that. Enjoy!


  1. I love them!! So gorgeous, great post!

  2. This is great. Love the DIY x

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