Monday, 10 February 2014

Hi everyone, as you all may know if you follow me on other sites I have started a mainly fashion/beauty based youtube channel! It's taken me a lot of deliberating to decide whether to start but I'm just going for it. I was scared of what people might say or think but the majoirty of the feedback I've got has been positive.I won't usually post my videos on my blog but as its my first, I shall! Please subscribe and give me some feedback, thank you!
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  1. Great video! I love the editing, I struggled with the editing on my videos haha!
    We also sound exactly the same I think ;D x

    1. You look really familiar, I'm not sure why! Do you have a sister? Thank you so much, I also subscribed to your channel, your videos are great!x

  2. Great video, can't wait for the next one! x



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