Autumn Insipiration

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I have come to the conclusion that I spend too much time searching the internet for pretty pictures and sitting and thinking ' I want to be her..'. I would describe my style as pretty original but the main place I get inspiration is through sites such as tumblr, weheartit and instagram. Looking through photos has always interested me, just as much as taking them does, I love trying to acknowledge the memory in the picture and think why did they take that picture? Through the pictures, I find style inspiration whether it's the colors in the picture, the way or people dress or simply the different textures.

For Autumn, it's pretty obvious I'm a big fan of the autumnal shades through classic jumpers and flannel shirts which are perfect for the cosy days.A big trend I've been loving is all black combined with leather. I feel this look is slightly 'out there' and is definitely more acceptable to be warn in Autumn/Winter.  My favorite 'style icon' has to be Alexa Chung as she effortlessly portrays the seasons through her clothes. A toned down leopard print is a new obsession of mine combined with a classic Chelsea boot, the perfect Alexa look. In the final two pictures, Alexa is wearing a oversized boyfriend coat with matte leather trousers which are two key pieces I've been loving. However, the final picture is slightly different to my style but I am obsessed with this girls look! I think it was the burgundy hat that got me...

Lucy x


  1. Alexa Chung <3

    I'm obsessed with browsing through photos, especially old polaroids and greyscale snaps!

    Great selection of inspiration for next season, I love Alexa's coat :) xx

    Viva Epernay

    1. I want to be Alexa but then again who doesn't?! x

  2. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year. But, sadly, I'm headed into Spring and Summer which aren't exactly my favourite. So i'm currently living vicariously through everyone else's Autumn posts, whilst making plans for next Autumn. haha. Great Post. :)

    Vanessa From TooClothesForComfort


    1. Thank you, I do love spring and summer also!x

  3. Love the photos you've chosen, Autumn is the best time of year!




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