Things never change

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Even though this week I've been on holiday, it has proved pretty hard to get time to post on my blog! I seem to have got caught up in going to school to do extra work (not fun) and spending a lot of time with my closest friends, so far it's been a nice break but pretty busy. I managed to get a morning out with my mum to Hebden Bridge which never seems to change even when the seasons do, the sun is always shining. I went quite casual wearin my grey Topshop joni jeans, Urban Outfitters shirt, H&M chelsea boots and my beloved leopard print H&M jacket. Although the outfit is simple, I felt very comfortable feeling warm and snug rather than drastically making a statement. I hate to say it, but as winter is approaching I'm spending more and more time in my same old jeans, help!

Lucy x

Cafe Visit

Thursday, 23 October 2014

It was one of those bleak autumnal days where your stuck with what to do and your only plan is to go and get cake and a warm drink.These are my favourite days to dress casually girly in autumn. My dress from H&M goes so well with my cable knit jumper from Zara giving off the perfect layered effect. My necklaces are my usual layered necklaces from Etsy which add an intricate element to the outfit. The Olive & Pickle is the pretty cafe in these pictures and it is one of my favourite places to eat. Although the days are becoming shorter and more tiresome, I'm still attempting to make the most of them!

Lucy x

A night with The NBHD

Thursday, 16 October 2014

So last Friday I went to the Academy 2 to see The NBHD and it was so amazing!! I didn't wear this outfit but I thought why not share it? I featured it in my lookbook and seemed to get a good response. I'd been waiting a good 18 months to see The Neighbourhood because ever since I'd heard Sweater Weather they became my obsession.  My jacket is vintage, as well as my jeans which were held up by my dads lovely old belt. Obviously I bought the tee from the concert and managed to haggle with the street sellers and get £4 off, not too bad! I love how it has elements of grunge with a feel of vintage, I think the all black thick soled brouges from H&M pull the outfit together. Simple, but effective.

Lucy x

It's just my style...

Sunday, 12 October 2014

So I wanted to share with you my recent video, a Autumn Lookbook which I am particularly proud of as recently a lack of inspiration for videos has prevented me from making them. I would not usually share my videos on my blog, as I like to keep them separate, however as this video reflects my personal style perfectly I thought why not? These 4 outfits showcase my individual style which I would say is pretty different from the majority of 15 year olds, a collection of the 60s mashed with 90s grunge is what I like to call it. Sometimes I want to feel like a 25 year old dressed sophisticated yet then I realise I'm 15 and I should probably not wish that away. I try to find a balance between dressing my age and dressing how I want and generally it's 5% : 95%, I can live with that. If you would like to see my video then click here and you shall be taken right over! 

Lucy x

An Odd Day

Saturday, 4 October 2014

So today was a pretty odd day as I decided to go to Manchester (for the 4th time this week) and wear something a little different. I'm in love with the faux leather skirt from forever 21 which fits like a glove and I know will be a staple for winter! My top is from UO and I love the mix of a casual material with a more professional look, my coat is my favourite thing ever from H&M and lets just say overall I felt pretty 60s.

Lucy x


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