White Dungarees

Monday, 29 December 2014

(My dad is so vogue)
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas as I did so much so I have barely had anytime to blog but, this week will hopefully consist of some nice shots. I wore this the day before Christmas eve because I wanted to incorporate these Topshop dungarees into my winter wardrobe. I paired them with a turtleneck from Primark (suprise, suprise) and my Topshop chunky boots. My dad decided to make an appearance whilst shooting the pics so I thought why not post it, he's always asking to be on my blog. I also posted this look on instagram (@lucysb_) to which I got a very positive response, I think it's the white dungarees...

Lucy x

Is that orange?

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I apologies for the lack of posts but I have been spending most days tucked up in bed or with friends just watching films and those outfits are not ones worth blogging about! Anyway, I picked up this orange ribbed top from Forever 21 for just £6 which I can't believe, it looks perfect with my vintage Levis! The jewels add a Christmassy effect to this look which I adore as Christmas is 2 days away, eeee! My beloved charity shop jacket kept me nice and cosy whilst my slip on Topshop shoes are not so practical. I loved this look as I spent the day at my Granddads home, singing carols with all the old folks, very festive!

Lucy x

Black Leather

Saturday, 13 December 2014

With the days coming to an end even sooner, it's hard to believe I shot these pictures just before 5pm. I went to see a friends band in Manchester last night and decided to opt for this, again, very 'colourful' combination (I can't help it). My jeans and jacket are both from topshop, with my high neck crop jumper from Forever 21, necklace and boots H&M and I'm sure you all know this scarf so well. As the nights get colder, it becomes quite difficult to wear anything else other than jeans and skirts just scream 'FREEZING LEGS' to me. As for the band I saw (Paintbox Fires), I was so impressed, seeing people I know so passionate about something really put a smile on my face and I had a very good night!

Lucy x

May be I need more colour in my life...

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sometimes I feel black and white are the only colours I wear, I am certainly not complaining. I think it's such a chic yet youthful look so combined vintage with edgy pieces such as my bag (vintage) with my River Island cut out boots. My leather skirt is my go to skirt from forever 21 which looks perfect with loose fitting shirts such as this Topshop one. The combination is pretty effortless, but I like to think my favourite coat finishes it off. May be I need more colour in my life...

Lucy x


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