May be I need more colour in my life...

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sometimes I feel black and white are the only colours I wear, I am certainly not complaining. I think it's such a chic yet youthful look so combined vintage with edgy pieces such as my bag (vintage) with my River Island cut out boots. My leather skirt is my go to skirt from forever 21 which looks perfect with loose fitting shirts such as this Topshop one. The combination is pretty effortless, but I like to think my favourite coat finishes it off. May be I need more colour in my life...

Lucy x


  1. love this outfit, especially the coat! I feel like I only wear black and white too - but I like to buy brighter colour coats to break it up a bit! x

    1. I own one bright blue coat which I adore for spring, may be I should invest in more!

  2. I wear so much black and white too! If it's not black and white, it's black and grey instead. At the moment I try to buy bright accessories to try and add a pop of colour x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels



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