I can deal with a bit of snow

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I was having one those 'odd' days today, where you're not really sure what's happening outfit wise but you just want to try something new. My inspiration was the crisp white snow,  which I wanted to mirror through what I was wearing. I decided to layer my New Look navy high neck jumper with my long Primark jacket as it was a combination I hadn't imagined would go together. My black belt and black H&M chunky sandals  (which are not very practical) kept the look from being too 'mature' as did my America Apparel tennis skirt style from Matalan. I thought the tartan scarf tied everything together and lets face it, when it snows a scarf is a must! As for the snow, I'm enjoying the beautiful scenery's  it creates yet lusting for a bit of warmth, I can deal with a bit of snow I suppose...

Lucy x

Burgundy is my life

Friday, 23 January 2015

It has become an annual tradition that every year in the winter sales, I find myself a beauty of a coat from Primark for just £10. It is safe to say that this years find is one of my favourites, due to the black & white print along with the almost 'trench coat' like feel to it, a style never tried before. I thought an all black ensemble would compliment it just fine with my Primark polo neck and New Look black jeans (not joni jeans for the first time in forever!). My statement necklace is so pretty without being completely overpowering, Matalan you did good! I also wore my new Topshop slip on shoes in Burgundy as the colour is everything I love about winter, burgundy is my life...

Lucy x

A snowy old day

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Isn't just wonderful when your having a lovely walk, all excited to get the perfect blog shots, you pull out your camera and realise you've left the battery and memory card at home. It is the best feeling ever (please sense the sarcasm). These shots were taken on my trusty iPhone so the quality is not as flawless, but still pretty good! Snowy days are my favourite for walks and photos as I think it's fair to say, snow makes any scenery look pretty. I think it's just the crisp white back drop which seems to provide beautiful tones of light and dark which compliment an outfit very well. This is not my most 'stylish' ensemble yet dog walking outfits can never really be that stylish, I just wanted to showcase the scenery really. My parka is from Matalan, scarf Urban Outfitters and jeans Topshop and that is pretty much it. As much as I'm getting sick of winter, I do love it when it's a snowy old day...

Lucy x

Oh How I Can Dream l High End Bags

Friday, 16 January 2015

1. Mulberry Alexa Satchel / 2. Saint Laurent Monogramme Chain Shoulder Bag / 3. 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Satchel  / 4. Boy Chanel Flap Bag / 5. Saint Laurent Monogramme Cabas Bag /6. Mulberry Cara Backpack / 7. Dolce & Gabbana Large Sicily Snake Trim Tote

I've always told myself that just because products are 'high end' doesn't mean they are any better than a bag bought on the high street but, I have failed to stick to this as I've got older. I now find myself browsing the web searching through the luxurious websites such as D&G or YSL, lusting over mainly bags or shoes. I decided that each month I'll produce a high end wishlist and high street wishlist, a way to showcase what I would purchase in my wildest dreams...

Bags are something that as I've aged, I've grown more fond of and have fallen completely in love with classic styles and more unique shapes. I've chosen 7 of my favourites from a variety of brands with a variety of styles.

 Number 1 is a classic bag named after the stunning Alexa Chung, that alone sells this bag to me. The off-navy colour really compliments the silver hardware as a change from classic black, I feel this would be a piece to perfect all classic minimalist outfits. 

Number 2 is monochrome and stunningly classic, Saint Laurent bags are definitely some of my favourite styles due to the simplicity and elegance of their designs. 

Number 3 is a bag I've seen a few times on blogs and is not something I'd generally go towards due to the duck egg blue speckled exterior. It almost reminds me of a Celine bag, yet I feel the design is much classier.

Number 4 is a Chanel bag, I do love the classics but felt this is perfectly reflectant of my style. I feel Chanel is known for these classic timeless pieces which all appear quite 'prim & proper' however, this piece showcases the opposite and almost abolishes the stereotype. A piece which would be timeless in my wardrobe...

Number 5 is another Saint Laurent Bag, a slightly larger bag than before. I, again, love the simplicity of the design and feel the colour would be a great transitioning piece between seasons. The colour is quite peculiar, but I feel paired with the right pieces to compliment it, this would be a wonderful accessory. 

Number 6 is name after Cara Delevingne, another amazing figure who I look up to.  I love backpacks to add a boyish element to an outfit and feel this piece would be the perfect everyday bag. 

Finally number 7, my favourite pick of the lot. Dolce & Gabanna's collections are always stunning and leave me wishing that 1. I could be a model to wear the beautiful clothes and get paid or 2. Have enough money to actually purchase pieces. As silly as it may sound, the structure of this bag reminds me of Mary Poppins, one of my favourite childhood films, which was why I was drawn to it. The colour is perfect and the contrast of a blocked colour with a pattern works so well. May be one day...

Lucy x

Denim is back

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

If I could sum up me in an outfit, this would probably be it. A mixture of old classic styles and new alternative styles, basically a bit of a mess. I finally found the perfect denim jacket in the Topshop sale and I am in love. The colour is just right, not too dark or too light, the fit is perfect and I'm so excited to add to my wardrobe. I paired it with a Primark roll neck (I can't get enough), my favourite Urban Outfitters skirt and one of my dads old belts to pull it all together. My boots are from New Look, yet look rather like ones in Topshop. I can barely leave the house without my Primark scarf so it's not a surprise that I have featured it yet again. I really do love this outfit and have posted it on my look book page which I will be using frequently so click here to follow/fan me. My jacket is my favourite thing this year so far, denim is back...

Lucy x

Embrace the Bare Face: Jan 2015

Saturday, 10 January 2015

One thing I want to promote through my social media is self confidence as I know that girls are becoming so much more vulnerable to comments about themselves at a much younger age. It saddens me to see young girls so conscious of their appearance as I only really began caring about make up around age 13/14, not that long ago. I know how easy it is to fall into the cycle of comparing yourself to other people but at the end of the day, everyone is beautiful in their own way. I wanted to start a series on my blog entitled 'Embrace the Bare Face' as a way to show my audience that we don't have to post 'perfection' online as so many influential figures (celebrities) do. I wear make up because I enjoy experimenting as a way of expressing myself, however I don't use it as a confidence mechanism. Obviously I may think I look more presentable with concealer over my blemishes, but if I don't want to wear it I won't. I think the message is always trying to be heard that being yourself in your own skin is perfectly fine, but the growing generations are becoming more and more prone to ignoring this. 

I want to post shots monthly appreciating the skin that I'm in, if you find the idea appealing let me know, and feel free to blog/tweet/instagram about 'Embrace the Bare Face'. I am all about being happy with who you are, so trying to promote this message is something I feel obliged to do...


Lucy x

The windswept look is so 2015

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

This outfit was one I put together not knowing whether the speckled print jumper from Forever 21 would compliment my Primark grid print trousers. Turns out it does, I am obsessed with the two layering necklaces (no, it is not a reference to the Illuminati, the triangle and eye just happened ) yet I have no idea where I purchased them from. I feel the only shoes I own suitable with this look are my slip on Topshop shoes which everyone and their mums seem to own, they're pretty but not so practical. These shots turned out better as expected due to wind battling me in the shots, the windwept look is so 2015...

Lucy x

Bringing back the bomber

Friday, 2 January 2015

First of all, lets all ignore the awkward foot picture as all bloggers know photographing shoes is not the swiftest of tasks, in the end I get fed up and this is the result. This outfit is an attempt at trying to dress slightly more youthful for once, which if I am honest I loved styling.This khaki green oversized bomber was one of my gems found in the Urban Outfitters sale, as I have been looking for a jacket like this to add a different vibe to my wardrobe. My typical grey Joni jeans were the comfortable options as it's just been Christmas, comfort is key. I paired this with my white Topshop pumps along with my favourite sheer polo shirt from Urban Outfitters as I loved the affect of layered collars. Finally, my Primark bag and scarf are my essentials right now so what would a blog post be without them? I do enjoy branching outside my 'fashion' zone, this an attempt to bring back the bomber...

Lucy x

2014 you did good...

Thursday, 1 January 2015

So today is the 2015, the 16th year I've been alive and hopefully one to be remembered. I decided that I do in fact want to write a blog post about the joys of the last year, but also the goals I want to set this year.

'Remember that time?'
I have found myself constantly using this phrase this year and this is simply down to the fact I've had so many amazing experiences, I can't comprehend forgetting them. This year I've had so much fun going to countless concerts, spending waaaaay too much money on train fares to Manchester weekly and simply spending time with the people who make me happiest. In all honesty, I have lost friendships throughout this year, whether I wanted that or not, I believe everything happens for a reason. I gained such an amazing group of friends and have definitely become even more confident in many ways. I believe so many incredible things have been constantly happening to me, I have almost started taking them for granted. I realize now just how lucky and blessed I was. When I reflect back on last year, I appreciate how incredible it has been so thank you to anyone who made it that way, friends old and new...

'2015 the new year'
Resolutions are something I occasionally make however, I'm one of those people who has the perspective that if you want change, make it happen. I don't think relying on a new year for a different way of living is healthy as there is not much self motivation involved. It's obvious that whatever the change is, it must have been procrastinated over for days, even weeks.Nevertheless, I still appreciate those who set goals and actually stick to them. Throughout this year I simply want to , be happy, be myself and be appreciative to others. I have goals I want to achieve, but I feel keeping them to myself will help motivate me to do them successfully as if I say ' I will do this ' there seems more pressure to perform. Lets just say I hope my blog viewers and youtube watchers notice a difference.

To finish my post I want to wish everyone a happy new year! Stay happy, stay healthy and stay positive because throughout the year you're going to face many hurdles but you can always get through! 2014 you did good, but 2015 may do one better...

Lucy x 


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