Unique kind of basic

Monday, 10 August 2015

I can't tell if this hands on hips thing is working for me, or whether I just look like I'm mid way through performing some street dance...
Although I didn't get an opportunity to wear this whilst away, I decided to style this Zara dress anyway as it is a piece that is pretty much timeless. I decided to emphasise the black within the dress by pairing some Topshop boots and a H&M slouchy bag to add a sort of 'I'm trying to look fancy but also don't really care' vibe to it. I finished it off with one of my favourite necklaces from H&M as I think it really elongates the V in the dress and just adds a little more interest to such a basic piece. I always find myself nervous to wear pieces like this, they're so basic but a unique kind of basic...

Lucy x


  1. This is definitely unique basic; LOVING the dress. And you look great with hands on hips, don't worry!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. Hands on hips is always a save bet.
    I love this outfit. Basic yes, but very cool. Loving how you have styled the striped maxi.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  3. Really love the dress, looks amazing on you :3

    Ana ♥

    1. Thank you, I wasn't too sure at first whether it suited me or not

  4. I love these kinds of dresses! love the way you styled it too!
    ➳ Jessica

  5. This is definitely a unique kind of basic, it looks gorgeous! x

  6. I love this freesize dress. Topshop boots are strong but very attractive.
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  7. Truly effortless chic. I really like this outfit. You look great. :)



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