When theres an occasion, why not?

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pinafore: Asos // Top: Primark // Shoes: Asos // Bag: H&M
I think there comes a point in everyones life where they begin to appreciate snake skin, and right now I'm at that point. When I found these gems on Asos I had to buy them, there is something quite Harry Styles-esc about them but I also feel slightly more like Alexa Chung which is always a plus. As for this pinafore, I can tell I am going to wear it to death! The patchwork denim definitely looks a lot more unique than the typical dungarees you can find in stores at the minute, that is why it stood out to me so much. The day I took these shots was my lovely Mums birthday, so Happy Birthday Mum and thank you for being the worlds most amazing Mother but also blog photographer! We went out for a lovely dinner in a small local cafe, I was slightly over dressed but when theres an occasion, why not?

Lucy Jane x

Back to the USA...

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Necklace: Lyla Loves // Jumper: Primark // Skirt: Topshop // Scarf: Dorothy Perkins // Tights: Primark // Shoes: Topshop

Wearing coloured tights did slightly bring me back to my primary school christmas plays but anyway...
If any of you are considering visiting Manchester soon, Infamous diner is the place to go! I've been several times on outings in Manchester and experienced the friendliest staff, the 50s vibes and some of the greatest food I've ever eaten. With autumn now being in full swing, I opted for a combination of my favourites shades; khaki, burgundy and blue. I can't get enough of this cozy scarf at the minute,  it is the prettiest colours but also is a slightly different take on the classic cheque scarves. As for my day, I had breakfast in the diner where I went into a food coma because the french toast was so beautiful but so filling! This diner really has those 50s American vibes which makes me wish I could've been a teen in that era, everything seemed fabulous. I'll definitely be going there again soon, it really did take me back to the USA...

Lucy Jane x

Let's look forward to the future!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I tend to think that the weather hates me. It always happens that during those 'back to school' transitional weeks from summer to autumn, the weather miraculously decides 'Oh wait, now everyone isn't able to go out in the sun I should probably make it sunny'. Well weather you have won again, yet  part of me is definitely heavily anticipating those snowy winters evenings! Lets talk about pants, more specifically these New Look pants that I adore. To answer why, you can't beat a pair of pants that feel like pyjamas yet prove acceptable to leave the house in. That is a win win situation. I currently live in this H&M jumper because it is everything you could ask for and more, I suggest you all buy it. My shoes are probably not rated high on the practicality scale for dog walking, yet I can't help but think they look so good with this outfit!New Look you did well. A little bit from me now, what content would you like to see? I know my outfits are obviously my main interest yet I want to write more personal and helpful posts every once in a while, let me know what you think! Also, I GOT A NEW LAYOUT!!!! I was sick and tired of the dullness of my previous one and told myself 'Sod it, just buy something new!'. A new layout gives me more determination to produce the best content I possibly can, let's look forward to the future!

Lucy Jane x

It does not make me a cowgirl

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Yes I did choose to shoot these shots near a farm, no that does not mean I'm an aspiring cow girl!
On a recent day out, I found this gem of a jacket from a vintage shop in Haworth for only £20 (can you even believe it)!! Considering these suede jackets are going for over £100 on the high street, I bagged it as quick as I could because it was such a gem. I must admit, it is quite a bold piece yet I wanted to change up the textures by pairing my leather look jeans, the combination of leather and suede really reminds me of the classic Wild West. I opted for New Look boots as the cut outs are so unique 'these boots are make for walking', a Miss Selfridge lace up top  and to finish it off wore this beautiful necklace from Happiness Boutique! This wonderful brand sells amazing products, but is also about spreading the message of positivity. A positive outlook is something I try to emit through my blog posts by sharing what I love with you all, so being able to collaborate with someone associated with something I believe so strongly in was wonderful. Click here to check out Happiness boutique and show them the love they deserve! I adore the necklace as a finishing touch, but no, the rest of the outfit does not make me a cow girl...

Lucy x

My go to autumn look

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I think it's fair to say the autumn is definitely upon us and I'm just going to have to face the fact I've got to dress for the cold! There is something about the cosiness of the 'cold months' I love, yet somehow living in England feels like a constant spell of cold months, especially this year. At this time of year I'm always drawn to my good old mom jeans, they may be vintage and not necessarily the classic fit but I adore them so much. It is the season where my high neck tops come out and are worn none stop, this one from New Look has the appropriate autumnal tones to be paired with my classic Primark blazer, I am pretty sure I could wear it with anything! To finish it off some old New Look loafers remind me of those pieces meant to look 'vintage' but simply aren't, a great substitute for actual vintage shoes if you're like me and hate the thought of other peoples feet being in your shoes! Other than that this look is pretty simple, my go to autumn look.

Lucy x

Black and white is unbeatable, and so is a little grunge

Sunday, 13 September 2015

It certainly isn't everyday you come across a giant elephant on the side of a building in the middle of nowhere, so why not make the most of it and snap it for the blog? Although it was on top of the windiest hill I've ever stood on, I embraced that and battled through. Layering has become a more dominant trend in my style, I find the perfect staples for it are a basic tee (forever 21), long shirt (Jollychic) and a vest (H&M).  You can always change up with the colours but these 3 pieces will instantly add something unique to your look. I had been looking for the perfect white shirt for such a long time as they were either too sheer, too thick or too short! However, I adore everything about this one from Jollychic.com! They are a fabulous store that is hosting a giveaway where the winner can win $20 to spend which you can easily get two pieces with!
Here is how to enter:
2. Leave your email in the comments of this blog post
3. Follow my blog!
To assist the layers on top, these New Look simple jeans acted as the perfect base with my Adidas gazelles. As much as I adore dressing with my 'vintage touch', outfits like these are also some of my favourites. Black and white is unbeatable, and so is a little grunge...

Lucy x

Watch out, the 60s are back

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

As a blogger, there are those occasional posts you love so much you just wish the rest of your blog could consistently reflect the standards of it, but unfortunately not all posts can be shot on such lovely locations. On a recent trip out to a pretty little town, I stumbled across this distressed burgundy chapel door and my 60s radar (or should I say my mums) just drew me to this location as being the perfect spot to shoot. As autumn is now upon us this H&M rust jumper is my wardrobe staple, I love to pair it with A line skirts such as the well known Topshop button up, but also with an array of jeans. It is now the time of the year I dig out my vast coat collection, with the 60s being a huge influence on my autumnal style my mums old jacket paired perfectly. These shoes are such a cute piece which to me, look as if they've been picked of a shelf of a vintage store when in fact they're Topshops finest! I am so excited to start cozying up in my autumn jumpers and bringing back my classic style, watch out because the 60s is back...

Lucy x


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