Dress like it's 1966

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Jacket:Topshop / Jumper:Primark / Jeans:New Look / Shoes:Topshop / Backpack:Primark

I can only apologise for the poor standard of my blog over these past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion college will take over my life. As much as I love college and the whole new atmosphere, it definitely takes up a lot more time! Me and my mum went on a quick trip to one of our favourite places, Hebden Bridge; the perfect backdrop for these autumnal shots. My favourite time of year is right now, as you can see I am smiling away whilst blending in with the beautiful rustic tones of the leaves. I got this jacket from the sale in Topshop and I love it so much! It is so 60s and my style, I thought pairing it with all black would really compliment the print and make the colour stand out. At the minute I am living for the 60s as I was this time last year, I think there is something about the autumnal air that makes me dress like it's 1966...

Lucy Jane


  1. Your jacket is absolutely gorgeous and you look so lovely! x

  2. I just love your coat !


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, it was really cheap as well but I'm always wearing it!

  4. I like your jacket! :-)


  5. you look really cute, love the coat :3

    Ana ♥
    http://aruivablog.blogspot.pt/ N/POST

  6. The jacket is fabulous!



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