Switch your skinny jeans for dungarees?

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Top:Urban Outfitters / Dungarees:h&m / Shoes:Converse / Bag:Primark

It's come to a point where I spend 90% of the day not taking myself seriously, so let that shine through in my blog posts. At the moment, my 5 year old slightly green but supposedly black converse have been my staple footwear with so many outfits. Something about pairing them with these dungarees makes me feel slightly childish, it feels great.  Whilst taking these shots I sat down on stinging nettles and stung my bum and leg, don't say I don't go to great lengths for the perfect shots! I love this muted green colour at the minute and think this basic look is perfectly autumnal. Why don't you try switching your skinny jeans for dungarees? Let your inner 5 year old out...

Lucy Jane



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