My kind of casual

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Coat: Zara // Top: Charity shop // Pants: Levi vintage // Shoes: Topshop

I won't lie, I have gotten carried away with the days and realise now that my blog needs a bit of love. Blogging is my favourite hobby, but sometimes I have to prioritise other things instead of dedicating my time to what I love. As much as I hate to say it, blogging can't be my life right now. Enough of that, back to what I truly I have been living in this Zara coat as it seems to go perfectly with everything in my wardrobe and keeps out the cool November air. I was ridiculously happy when I found this velvet high neck leopard print top in a charity shop in Chester, to me it just screams 'Alexa Chung would wear this' so I had to buy it. Speaking of Miss Chung, it was her birthday this week and as she is my biggest style inspiration I wish her a very happy birthday and I hope I can look as good as her at 32! There will be a day when I don't wear a high neck piece, but I don't see that day being anytime soon. I love the combination of all these simple pieces, it's my kind of casual...

Lucy Jane 


  1. Love this coat!
    xx Alyssa

  2. I love your overall color combo! It's so laid back and classy :-)

  3. Love the coat!

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  4. I adore your top and coat, they look gorgeous together! x

  5. I absolutely adore your casual outfit! I would wear this!! <3



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