Colours of Christmas

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Merry (belated) Christmas!

I hope you all had the most wonderful time over the festive period and the best end to a very unpredictable year. 

I spent my time doing a lot of eating, drinking and thinking. Every christmas throughout my life I've known Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day as three days made for not really doing much. As much as I enjoy Christmas, this year I began to think what if I changed my traditions? I suppose traditions are exciting when you're young as you have things to look forward to and feeling secure is important as child, but having just experienced my 18th Christmas I know next year I'm going to make it different.

So here are some of my thoughts...

 Go for a huuuuuuge walk. 
Pack a picnic and drive to the middle of nowhere, spend Christmas consumed by nature instead of by pigs in blankets and Quality Street's. 

Help out those in need.
Christmas is the time for giving so giving to those truly in need would be wonderful, I would 100% love to accomplish this as I feel my life is equipped with everything I need. I should stop taking everything for granted and give back what I've gained.

Who wouldn't want to spend Christmas in New York or Australia? I mean I'm doubtful of this happening but it's an idea!

Road trip!
Grab a map, grab a car and off you go! You might drive through the moors, reach the beach or head for the city, who knows! 
Alternatively, booking a few nights in a little cottage somewhere is an idea if pre-planning a trip. Being way from all the worries of real life, just what you need at Christmas time!

Send love, happiness and hugs to your family and friends and get the sparkles out for NYE!

Lucy Jane

Charity Shop Bop: Flaming

Saturday, 24 December 2016

My evolving style is my cure to boredom, searching for thrifted items, decorating old ones and never getting bored! It excites me to push the boundary, it's weirdly comforting. It's not that I refuse to wear what everyone else is wearing or that I want to be 'indie' and different, I simply prefer doing my own thing.

In life I'm not a very experimental person, I know what I like and I stick to it. With age comes changing things up more often, life seems to flow at a quicker pace and time is of the essence. You have to adapt to life rather than simply doing what you like, dealing with things maturely. For now I can't say I have made many drastic changes in myself, I am changing gradually but in my own slight ways.
When it comes to fashion I get bored and need to experiment...

What is the point of going out and experimenting in high street stores? If you want to try NEW things all you're going to find is trends, styles and items that a small percentage of the population will have already experimented with. What you NEED to do is re-use! Experiment with which stores you go to, change it up by visiting local charity shops rather than the city chain stores. Buy an old pair of jeans like I did and make them your own!!
It is cheaper, for a good cause and helps the environment. 
True experimentation in fashion is the expression of an individual touch, consumers have grown to wanting whats 'hot' but why can't we make experimenting 'hot'? 

If you feel inspired by this post let me know and show me your customised things, get charity shop boppin!

Lucy Jane

Y O U t h

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

It is a pretty little thing,
is it there?
There it is, living and breathing
walk along, watch it, feel it, be it.

Free as we say we are,
Careless but I swear to you I care.
I know impossible is a tale,
tales are not truthful.

The new generation for a short time
hold potential in our eyes wonder in our hearts.
Where does the youth go?
It is a pretty little thing.

Lucy Jane

(I like to write, thought I would share some)


Saturday, 17 December 2016

I would like to think that these shots are a representation of me pretending to be some relevant girl of the 70s, but really I just had some time on my hands whilst doing a photography shoot.

Something about the vibe of 'sophisticated, mysterious 70s girl' really draws me in, I feel like in a past life I would have been that and in a future life I will try. I think living with an influence from different eras is so important, those years shaped the people who have brought us up so it's only fair to pay some kind of interest. 
What interests me is the freedom.

You see pictures from the 70s, the rise of freedom. The youth didn't realise the trends they had created and the impact they had; people continue to develop them to this day. Those pictures, poems and videos all made back in the 1970s inspire so many to triumph stronger, shout louder and live free.
It seemed like a cool time to be alive.

Lucy Jane


Saturday, 10 December 2016

'On the edge of colourful life yet it has to be turned down, it has to become desaturated.'
I have acquired a mindset that goes like this...
Happy motivational thoughts to eating, sleeping, reading, writing, blogging, socialising, yet negative oppressing thoughts to working, learning and getting things done. 
As of right now, I feel like I am desaturated.

Winter comes and takes our breathe away through the sweeping chill. There is a beauty to the decaying transition, the natural process of death to nature. Slowly falling and disappearing into the following season, we loose the saturation. A landscape often portrayed as bleak, bland or dull, a questionable view to state. 
You have to notice the potential.
New growth, new living, new life. 

In a slump of desaturation project yourself into a colourful life, grasp onto it.
Remind yourself going down provides opportunity to bounce back up.
Saturate life!

Lucy Jane

Something special

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A dog, a companion, a best friend.
At the age of 6 when asked if you could have one wish the general answers surround fame, fortune or being a princess. With little consideration of what reality would be like, my one wish went like this...
 'I wish and wish and wish that I could have a dog'
It was never a lot to wish for but my love for animals was all I cared for.
One day 11 years ago, little Lucy Jane's wish came true as we got ourselves the cutest black Cocker Spaniel pup and named her Bonnie. 
All day I remember being too excited to concentrate in school, I was finally getting my own pet and that was all I ever wanted. Rushing out of the classroom as my Year 2 teacher Mrs Reeves let me leave early, I ran towards my Mum with the biggest smile on my face as we were off to pick up Bonnie. 
From that day on so much love and happiness was brought into my life.

Throughout the years we shaped our lifestyle around her. Caravan or cottage holidays were where we spent our summer, chasing Bonnie round beaches, hills and fields for hours. She was part of the family, just like the sister I'd always wanted. She knew all my problems, gave all the hugs I needed and cheered me up continuously.  I could not have asked for a better best friend to grow up with.

I hear all the comments of 'But she's a dog?' and I do truly understand them.
Having a dog is what you make of it, Bonnie was whole-heartedly loved by so many people including me. She fulfilled my childhood dream and I loved her a whole lot for that. 
I'd just like to say this...

Bonnie you were more than I could have ever asked for in a dog, the perfect pet and so much more. Although your death was sudden and unexpected, you felt no pain and that is all we cared for. I will remember every walk we went on, every duvet cuddle we had and every time you'd pull the funniest face when I tickled under your armpits. We all feel like something is missing, an emptiness you can not explain. I miss you more each day and my heart breaks a little when I think of how quickly you were taken away from us. Thank you for making my childhood so bright and full of fun, no dog can ever live up to that. 
I wish you could come back so I could give you a hug but I already had one wish come true in my lifetime, it would be unfair. I will shed a tear over your birthday and Christmas with the happiness I feel thinking of the past 11 years.
Bon you were a top dog, I will never forget that!

2.12.2016 x

Lucy Jane 

Charity shop bop: Glitter Velvet

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Velvet culottes have been on my wishlist for months. With Zara bringing out the most beautifully sewn yet incredibly expensive embroidered versions, I just could not seem to find the perfect pair.

Guess what my charity shop bopping lead me to?

Once loved by some elderly lady, at the small sum of £1 they are now my beloved pants that I know I will constantly wear. With winter being my peak time for eating loads and then wanting to hide the damage done, oversized baggy trousers are the only things I seem to want in my life. They are comfy, loose and so so soft. 

I think I have a love hate relationship with velvet. It reminds me of my 13 year old days of wearing creepers, black velvet skirt and my Granddads old shirts. Those were the days I thought my style was individual but let's just say tumblr had a huge influence.
 As of now, I think me and velvet have a great relationship but not anything near that of me and glitter!

Lucy Jane

a dream.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Dream as if your mind is a portal to any distant reality desired to visit, the potential of hope for escapism. We can condense ourselves into the smallest matter; irrelevant, unacknowledged, yet so content in our imagined reality. Rather become matter, dreaming of influence, importance and talent. Having a whirlwind of a mind that refuses to switch off dream mode, I will say that how I dream is never big enough. 

A dream. The dream. 
What is it all about? A strength to reach your highest potential in life will surely not be an everlasting feeling so what happens after 'the dream' those strive for? 
I believe creating tomorrow by the dreams of today can be the only fulfilling solution as 'the dream' you want now may differ in a matter of time. 

 I dream of New York, my inner voice constantly tells me I'd be the perfect fit for the big city. I can't just go, money, housing, work, family and presidents but thats a topic for another day...
My dream of moving to New York may be achieved in another tomorrow.

Dream as wildly, as boldly and as freely as you wish, but do not build a life upon a false pretence of you 'living THE dream'. 

Lucy Jane

Charity shop bop: Pretty little lace

Saturday, 12 November 2016

I am sure you've all seen the ever evolving slip-dress craze that has taken over the Instagram bloggers. The perfect way to transition into winter, throw on some layers. As much as I adore the classic slip look, being someone who enjoys experimenting with colour and texture I was ready to set my eye on an alternate craze...

The cami top! A basic we will all have stuffed away in our wardrobes, draws or even pyjama cupboard. This pretty little basic cost me £1 and I am almost 100% sure that if you head down to your local charity shops and search through the nightwear stand, you will bag yourself a similar bargain to me. With such a versatile piece, it is easy to adapt from day to night as I opted for a rather sophisticated look for me. I decided to add my velvet slit skirt, also from a charity shop, along with a basic shimmered tee. Having the body con element to the skirt with the loose fitting top is something interesting to experiment with. Pick out your best points, enhance them!

Yet again another outfit born from the renewed, recycled clothes.
Get charity shopping!

Lucy Jane

the boyZ

Saturday, 5 November 2016

So pink, so feminine and so filled with the boyz.

Unfortunately, theres no juicy story attached to this dress other than the fact I was feeling really negative one day after work, so decided a trip to Zara would fulfil my happiness, but...

I'll give 10 points if anyone can find their name on the dress!

There is something about loud prints I used to despise. I always thought of them slightly tacky but glitter loving Lucy now never even considers tacky! For winter, it is necessary to have those outfits that can instantly pick you up. The dark dreary season is often reflected through dull tones which saddens me as a lover of colour, we need to keep it bright! This dress has the perfect combination of pattern and colour. I think Zara have made an absolute winner with such a unique piece. Whether it be through colour or comfort, get your go to winter pick me up outfit sorted because on the rainiest, windiest, chilliest day, you can walk out the door feeling fancy!

Lucy Jane

Paisley days

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Paisley days, the bright and bold ones.
 The ones that jump out at you, making you think 'oh my gosh'. 
Not necessarily a literary term for it, yet 'paisley days' seems to sum it up. 

Recently, life has been flowing at a pace I'm unable to compete with, leaving me rather stressed, tired and dreary. I live for the exciting times and begin to neglect my every day life, the part that really matters. It is hard to visualise a pathway for the future. Trying to set yourself in the now when everyone is constantly wanting the future is not an easy task. 

I put myself in a predicament, worrying what if it doesn't work but really who knows whats around the corner. Right now I have sent off my UCAS application, applying for fashion marketing and praying I get the offers. I dream of London, the city life with creativity in every corner. I know where I want to be next year, but what about tomorrow?

I can only decide tomorrow from today. 
Do you live for the moment or live for your life?
How do you get it?

Lucy Jane

Charity shop bop: Paint it RED

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Believe it or not, my constant 'charity shop bops' have lead me to accumulate a large proportion of clothes that are thrifted. As I constantly talk about my admiration for charity shops I thought why not showcase the best of the best in a charity shop bop!

It's always fun to play around with colour, whether blocking, contrasting or complimenting you can create some wonderful looks. Red will forever be my favourite colour. Why not dress head to toe in it to show my admiration?
My pants are a vintage pair I picked up in London, I swear by culottes now as they fit in all the right places. I adore the granny-like floral print on them, I'm not one for ditsy prints but this bold pattern definitely wins me over. As for the jacket and shirt, I picked these up from local charity shops recently paying only £6 for the REAL leather jacket!!
Throwing it back a few years, this look is giving me definite 70s vibes, I love it!

Regardless of the perks of the clothes, it is important to consider the benefits of your money when you spend in charity shops. It contributes to fund charities, improve peoples lives and is a form of recycling in a world full of fast fashion.

If my series starts to inspire you, take a look at these links to find your local charity shops..

Thank you!

Lucy Jane


Big old tee

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The concept of 'oversized tees' has always been one appealing to me. The fact that a single oversized top has the power to conceal everything underneath keeping it well hidden makes me very happy. Throw on an oversized tee any day and you are good to go!

Where else better to find oversized tops than charity shops?
You're probably thinking 'Once again Lucy Jane is babbling on about charity shops' but I can not stress enough how much I admire them! Personally, I like the mens branded logo tees because they pull off this 'vintage/not really caring too much' style. A style right up my alley!
Experimenting with different ideas such as knotting tops, cropping tops and tucking tops is always the best way to find your perfect fit. 
Don't limit your ideas and don't be scared to think differently!

Lucy Jane

These months: 9 & 10

Friday, 21 October 2016

I have constantly referred to my blog as a hub of self expression these past weeks but how much have I really been utilising it?

My self is a very curious, creative but naive 17 year old. I have numerous strands of this 'self' which nobody really knows or should I say I don't always successfully express. Growing up I am changing a lot, accepting new discoveries about myself but still holding on to old ways. I haven't quite decided which the best solution is, take a tight grip or gently let go? As I claim my blog is an 'expression of ones self' I can't feel fulfilled with this unless I begin to share more of MY SELF with you.

A round up of these months: 9 & 10... (picture me commentating these pictures in my wonderfully mancunian accent for added effect)

These months have been filled with people and places. Bumping into to familiar faces at gigs to serving the friendliest customers at work, realising that my 13 year old phobia of 'new conversation' no longer lingers in me is so fulfilling. These months I showed admiration for the special people in my life, I want to do this more often. These months I was too busy to even plan ahead, missing opportunities but gaining in other ways. These months the people I have been surrounded by have really made me happy, you're all great. 

These months I spent attending endless amounts of gigs, meeting my favourite bands and even ending up on stage.
 I want to talk about these...

Sundara Karma was a whirlwind of sweat and excitement. A favourite shared between me and the legend that is Staggy, we completely and utterly adore the four piece. I remember the night being done before it even begun, I was too engrossed in the music to recollect it.
No Hot Ashes and Marsicans were at the smallest venue AATMA, they were lovely and intimate in their own little way. Both bands I highly recommend and fully believe in their success.
Neighbourhood festival rolled around; Blossoms, Inheaven, Cupids, No Hot Ashes, Fronteers, Vant and Clean Cut Kid. Certainly a day of beautiful music and the best company. The highlights were endless...
Sharing a moment with Staggy during 'My Favourite Room', even though 5 people were between us, we still managed to hold hands. Loosing my sense of self in Vant because the amount of kicks and nudges being felt were never ending, my kind of fun. Ending our day on Clean Cut Kid, watching Staggy so happy in our favourite venue (The Deaf Institute) and somehow ending up onstage during Vitamin C.
Clean Cut Kid I fully love you for that, thank you you legends!
Spring King and Magic Gang, what do I say. Firstly, whoever thinks trying to start pits to Magic Gang is a wise idea just re-evalute, they're called 'The Magic Gang', their music is beautifully calming and pleasing, please don't be that person. 
Spring King however, are a band who never fail to impress. Regardless of seeing them three times before, I still get that same tense feeling when trying to video the big build ups in songs of 'Is my phone actually going to survive through this?'.
Luckily it did.

I have probably said it before but I do not have to validate myself and my position on this blog. So enjoy reading about my style, viewing my memories through pictures and questioning yourself on what you think of me, because ultimately thats what I want to achieve.

Lucy Jane


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Zig zag.
In a weird way I feel like this sums up my life at the minute, a constant change of situation.

At this time in my life as a 17 year old there certainly is so much pressure to perform, not only from people surrounding but from myself. I have A levels, a job, University creeping up, my blog and within all that I still want to have my own time. Generally, I would say I'm quite an organised, persistent person but recently this seems to have flopped.

So this is my note to self:

Lucy, compiling a heap of things to do into your mind is never going to work. Constantly zig zagging, flicking through what you should be doing compared to what you are doing. 
Prioritise what matters, learn from your mistakes...

Lucy Jane

Oriental Charm

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Sifting through the racks upon racks of charity shop goods, I stumbled across this charming oriental shirt. Whether it be a boys size 10 or a women's size 16, you've got to look for potential!

How do I spot the potential? 
Simply follow this guide...

Pattern or no pattern?
Patterns scream 'I AM UNIQUE TAKE ME HOME' to me in a charity shop, the majority of the time the patterns seen will have been printed a good few years ago. When you're bopping around town kitted out in your thrifted patterned threads, you will 99% of the time be sure that you are never matching with someone else.

Charity shopping is all about routing for those gems to fill your wardrobe, if you rely on sizing you will never find them. Experimenting with alternate fits; body con, loose fit or over sized will all compliment you in various ways. 
Look at the opportunity of the clothing, not just the item.

Just wash it
I refuse to let a stench, stain or scratch put me off an item. For the cheap price clothing is offered at, it would be silly to let a £1 tee go to waste due to an unappealing smell. 
Washing machines do wonders, I'll tell you that now...

style is LIMITLESS
Charity shopping is evidently beneficial due to where the donations go, but the benefits to your bank balance are pretty wonderful as well. The cheaper prices means experimenting with adventurous styles will not break your bank! Never say never, you are your own stylist, be exciting and break those boundaries!

Lucy Jane

s l u m p

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Top: New Look // Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Mango

It isn't that you don't want to, it's just you don't know how to.

Creativity is an important part of me, when I step back and think about my life, I want to be 100% happy. I want to express myself as fully as I can through unique, individual and inspirational ideas.
When I realise I'm not 100%, I enter this slump...

So I'm going to step back, break this slump and start being 100% happy with life.
(and also appreciate the fact autumn is almost round the corner and dark lipstick is a daily essential!)

Lucy Jane


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