Is this what they call the 'mature' length?

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Jacket: Forever 21 // Pinafore: New Look // Top: Zara // Boots: H&M // 
Belt: Mango // Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Denim, denim, denim...
There is nothing that gets me more than a denim pinafore, which is probably why my collection seems to be continuously growing. When browsing through the isles of New Look, I came across this lovely piece and thought to myself, is this what you call the 'mature' length? 
All pinafores do have a slight childish feel to them due to the reminder of our throwback baby pictures styled by our ever so fashionable parents, yet I thought the length of this piece gave it a twist.

Below the knee isn't a cut I usually wear as I never found pieces this length seemed to flatter me and yes, I did generally categorise this cut as being 'not for my age'. 
I was so wrong!
This pinafore fits like an absolute glove, the material is quite stretchy meaning it gently pulls your figure in all the right places and is the perfect transitional piece! Even though the temperatures are still below freezing I'm still trying to let my desire for summer to shine through.

I wore this look during my short stay at York and found the cutest location to shoot. For me, finding the best location to shoot is about exploring as the places you least expect make the best shots. If some of you don't know, I adore photography and would much rather be behind the camera than in front but I still love both! Sometimes the visuals I want don't come across through the shots taken, but my Mum does an absolutely amazing job and I want to apologise to her for doubting her efforts!
So, Mum if you're reading this, I'm sorry, you are the perfect photographer!

Lucy Jane

Listen to them

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I bloody love music and I bloody love fashion, so I thought let's combine the best of things in life.
Enjoy the merch filled polaroids and my little music ramble...
SUNDARA KARMA ~ 'Indigo puff' & 'Waves'
If you're the kind of person who likes to bob your head around and ripple your hands to music then give these a listen.
(If you're that kind of person you'll know what I mean)
JAWS ~ 'Breeze' & 'Think too much, feel too little'
Again, if you're into the chilled out vibes when it comes to music, give'em a listen.

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD ~ 'Flawless' & 'Cry Baby' & 'The beach'
Every song is a work of art, every picture of them is a work of art, they are a work of art.

CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN ~ 'Hourglass' & 'Business'
There is no reason to dislike them, there you go...

Music really helps me uncover the mood I'm in and there is a range of artists I can always rely on.
If you don't spend at least 20% of your day with music, you're doing it wrong.
I'm no musician, although I did play cornet for a good portion of primary school, but I have a huge passion for music. It brings me ridiculous amounts of happiness when I struggle to find it elsewhere.
So I'm going to make an effort to dedicate posts to musical influences in my life as the whole culture surrounding different genres of music is so inspiring and so is the music I blissfully listen to...

This month I think my favourite song has to be...
Australia Streets - Sticky Fingers

Oh and lyrics are there for a reason, listen to them, it won't ruin your life.

Lucy Jane

The outfit that came with compliments

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Top: Charity // Dress: Forever 21 // Necklace: Charity // Bag: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Topshop

When a stranger tells you they adore your outfit, it definitely gives you the confidence boost for the day, but when three strangers each tell you how much they adore your outfit, it gives you the confidence boost for a long time! That is exactly what happened today...

Every single compliment I see on social media always makes me smile, to see someone who has gone out of their way to point out a positive in me fills me with happiness, however hearing it in person is slightly more special. The fact three people complimented me on my outfit, my dress or my make up really reminded me of those little moments that matter. They didn't need to tell me their opinions, but by doing so they made me very very happy! 

This is what the world needs more of. 
Those people who aren't scared to appreciate the best in others instead of pointing out their flaws. We are so heavily influenced to bring people down in order to build up our self-esteem up, why has society made people like that? 
When you next say 'I hate her hair' think about how you feel afterwards, you won't feel happier, prettier or more confident.  Instead tell someone something you love about them, find positive within everything and everyone because that sense of fulfilment is a feeling you'll want to keep...

Lucy Jane

Red on red

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Jumper: Charity // Jacket : Charity // Pants: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Asos

Sometimes I wish I could flick between eras, living in the freedom of the 60s and 70s for a short while yet having the choice to switch back to the crazy world of today. We all know time travel is impossible, unless you are 'The Doctor' of course, but travelling through the times of fashion is definitely not impossible. Why not live in the 60s on a Monday and the 90s on a Wednesday?

Recently I've been venturing out with my 'combinations' in regards to colours and patterns which is something I've always kept quite minimal. I adore colour. It makes me happy to spend my days in bright tones, the vibrancy just screams 'I LOVE LIFE'. There is something specifically about the colour red that draws me in. Its usual connotation seem to be 'love, danger, blood', three things definitely not relatable to my life right now, but to me its a colour that was made to be worn to stand out in. We are all so busy enjoying the neutral tones that the brighter shades seem to have become underrated, bring brights back!

Ever wanted a pair of pants that feel like you aren't wearing a pair of pants? Culottes is your answer. THEY ARE REVOLUTIONARY! 
Every time I wear them I really do feel like I'm in my pyjamas, if that isn't a life goal then I don't know what is. The only flaw to these little gems is how loose they are. Combine that with a little breeze, absolutely no problem, but with a gale force wind, that is another story. I can't say I'd recommend them for the wintery days, but if you can bare the chill then go for it!

Next time your feeling fearless and want to change up the well loved monochromatic minimal trend, resort to wearing the colour red and tell me how your day goes.
Red on red just makes life a whole lot more interesting...

Lucy Jane

Life is always better with a 'Sprinkle of Glitter'

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Shirt: Charity shop // Top: Blue Rinse // Pants: Urban Outfitters Vintage // Shoes: Topshop

To cut the story short, I did a cartwheel and ripped my favourite pants. It's just an average day as Lucy Jane.

Using the words 'Sprinkle of Glitter' implies two things to me.
1. Life if so much better with glitter.
Glittery tops, glittery socks, glittery make up and I hate to say it, I went in to college with glittery hair and sprinkled my glitter everywhere on everyone. I have decided that Christmas is not just the time for glitter, my whole life is the time for glitter.
2. A 'Sprinkle of Glitter' here on the internet is more often associated with Louise, youtube/blogger/mother/all round amazing woman!

Today I whipped on my brightest pink lipstick and glitziest top to pay homage to the lovely Louise who I see as an inspiration. I have watched/read/feel like I've known Louise for a good 3 or 4 years and her content never fails to put a smile on my face! She is real.
Although social media only portrays certain aspects of people and their life, I think Louise's platform holds one of the most true and honest representations of someone online.
Her ability to make so many laugh and smile whilst in her presence is something really special, but more importantly, she speaks a lot of sense...

I get the feeling that Louise is a care free person, whether a glass of wine increases that or not, she seems to love life! One of the many things she has influenced me on is simply not caring, like in this slightly embarrassing, slightly upsetting but fully idiotic occasion today.

I love dance, in my opinion it is the thing in life that brings me the most freedom. Clever little Lucy Jane decided 'I want to portray me at my happiest in my blog post, let's present myself on top of the world dancing around being me' it was a good idea until the cartwheel...
I've never been a gymnast, never will, never want to.
Who knows where the urge to cartwheel came from but I did it anyway which lead to a huge rip in my favourite pants. I cried laughing for a solid 10 minutes whilst my mum took pictures thinking she was hilarious and then realised the journey home could be slightly troublesome. 
But what can you do?
Laugh it off and run all the way home...

Lucy Jane

Embrace the bare face: Acne edition

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

((The pictures I use aren't meant to look 'pretty' or 'flawless',  they're just real))

'Embrace the bare face' was something I wanted to start last year but failed to pursue, so why not take a shot at it this year?

I don't want the whole concept to revolve around being confident with no make-up, I want the 'bare face' to reflect the struggles we sometimes hide behind and ignore. By all means embrace your bare face, but embrace whats real about you, flaws and all...

Let's talk about acne.
I have had spots for around 7 years, but acne for around 4 and I won't lie I hate it. 

I'm sure you're all clear with the concept of acne as it is common in so many people, some cases worse than others. For the past 5 months my skin has been the worst it has ever been, with spots constantly appearing on my forehead, chin, nose, neck, shoulders and back. Over the years I've tried every treatment under the sun and nothing seems to have helped it, leading to scarring, more spots and me left feeling a little self conscious.

When I say 'a little bit self conscious' I mean to the degree of wearing make up more often than not to make my skin look 'better'', wearing high neck tops to cover up my worst areas but, I won't say I let acne get the better of me. I'm not afraid to go out without covering up my acne, what would I really be trying to hide from when it's part of me?

A message which the whole 'Embrace the bare face' thing for me is trying to stress is that imperfection is inevitable, I know they don't make us perfect but they make us part of who we are.
My acne has knocked my confidence a fair few times, but made me realise theres more to life than the condition of my skin. People perceive spots as 'ugly' and when they're as painful as mine let me tell you I completely agree, but just because you've got an 'ugly' spot does not define you as an ugly person. 

I have acne, I want to get rid of my acne but it doesn't define me.

Embrace the bare face.

Lucy Jane


Friday, 1 January 2016

The end of another year, my sixteenth to be exact, what a year it has been...
There is something about the months of January and February that I really really dislike, but this year I found myself venturing out in the freezing weather to do a lot more than usual. These two months were spent going to gigs, but also making the most of the freedom I had as GCSEs were soon approaching.
March felt like a month of accomplishments, I performed my final solo in dance. After years of envying the abilities of the older pupils it was finally my turn. I loved every second of it and miss dance so much. Also,  April brought a family trip to the Lake District, getting my braces off and my 16th birthday! I think these months were 'the calm before the storm' as the pressure of exams was on, but I could deal with it. I always love spring because of the weather, the slow transition into summer definitely got me excited for the longest summer ever...
These two months started with endless exams and finished with the start to an endless summer. Leaving school was probably the highlight of my year, that place never really had a positive impact on me. Prom was a good excuse to feel like a princess and I had such a fun time with the best people. I also did my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award in June which did slightly kill me, but was all good fun. June was such a care free month, one I really miss...
July and August were some of the most amazing months in my life. I travelled to beautiful places I'd never been and spent time with all my favourite people. Kefalonia was the first trip away with my family, it is the most beautiful place I've ever been and every day I wake up longing to be there. 10 days later, I was off to Florida with Ell and her family which was 2 weeks of sun, disney and simply loving the American life. After visiting the US, I know it is definitely a place I want to visit more. To finish off the summer nicely I spent a day at Leeds festival which was one of the best days of summer and I only wish I could've camped. The 13 weeks I had of summer were pretty amazing and the memories won't be forgotten any time soon! 
September means school, or in my case college. Starting college in a new place where I barely knew anyone was such a big change but in comparison to my time at school, I prefer it way more. I think September was a weird month but I grew a lot within myself and within my style, I gained a lot of confidence really. October was 'One Direction' month as me and Ell saw them three times, I don't regret it at all. These months I became so so thankful of the people I had surrounding me as I realised how special my friends and family are, I'm lucky to have them.
November and December, those dreary winter months, lets just say the weather definitely lived up to it's expectation! November held many many amazing gigs, a trip to London and many cozy nights in watching films with the best people. I really embraced Christmas this year with Anna, we were like two little elves in the run up to Christmas. I had a lovely Christmas, yet the flooding on Boxing Day made it a bit of a weird day. To see how the floods have affected so many is devastating and I really hope communities can keep pulling together like they have! 

Now it is  40 minutes till the 31st December.
12 months holds a lot of life.
These 12 months really have been more than I can imagine, but honestly this is only my highlight reel.
'We compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel'
My experiences are for me to share and right now I want to share the positives, show my love for the people in my life and be thankful for the healthy life I have.

Another 12 months will be gone soon enough, I wonder what I will have done?

Lucy Jane


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