Let's pretend these were shot in the 60s

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Jumper: Forever 21 // Dress: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Forever 21 // Shoes: Topshop

1964, getting ready in an oh so chic apartment with the winged eyeliner perfectly shaping your eyes, the shift dress on you can't live without and a high neck jumper to top it all off. That's what my dreams are made of.

In reality, I shot these in the apartment I stayed at in Liverpool and I thought with a little editing I can incorporate that 60s touch. Although my outfit lacks the vintage pieces, Forever 21 have been keeping me going with so many of their clothes! I can't get enough of this red leather dress but haven't quite gained enough confidence to wear it alone, maybe I will one day. I have been that 'idiot' wearing sunglasses as an accessory when the sun is clearly not out but how could I not? With this outfit they just fit perfectly and the pop of orange reminds me of the bright interiors the 60s is famous for, I had to!

I will continue to write my posts about my admiration for the 60s because it is a love that can only grow, so for now lets pretend these were shot in the 60s.

Lucy Jane

Why have I never been to Liverpool?

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Jacket: Vintage // Jumper: New Look // Shorts: Urban Outfitters // Belt: My Dads // Scarf: Primark /// Shoes: Topshop //
Bag: Urban Outfitters

Why have I never been to Liverpool?

My Mum and I are making our city adventures a common occurrence these days travelling to Chester, York and our most recent trip to Liverpool. All I keep asking myself is why have I never been to Liverpool? It is the perfect city for a shop around, a brisk walk and provides a pretty bold backdrop of contrasting architecture. I love it! I had the best time with my mum and really treasure our little days away, thank you Mum!

Despite the freezing cold breeze, I was definitely trying to embrace what little essence of summer I can bring into the winter weather. Rather than going for the typical black turtleneck, I opted for this bright navy blue one, how adventurous. I tried to bring the whole colour blocking trend back in my own subtle way yet some how I don't think contrasting blue and brown really prove that daring.  As for the rest of my outfit, I wanted to be warm. I do love the cosy winter days of dressing in layers upon layers of jumpers but I am slightly over it now. I can't wait for the day I can step outside and think 'I'M NOT COLD!', a day which will probably never come #northernEnglandproblems. 

Lucy Jane

The turtle, the snake and the denim

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Jumpsuit: Asos // Jumper: Primark // Bag: Calvin Klien // Shoes: Asos

The turtleneck, the snake skin and the denim jumpsuit, a heavenly combination...

This denim jumpsuit has been sitting patiently in my wardrobe waiting for me to have an occasion to wear it and I finally have. As much as I love it as a piece on it's own, there was no way I was braving the freezing cold weather without a trusty turtleneck. It was one of those combinations I thought would work really well or flop massively, luckily I think it went really well. 

Wearing bolder focal pieces is something I'm loving to do at the minute, having your outfit base around one central piece seems to provide the perfect outfits. It's an easy way to experiment with your  style and make slightly more outgoing choices without being too out there. So if you're someone to hold back with trying new things fashion wise, I advise you to buy one piece you adore but wouldn't usually go for. Work your outfit around it and try something new!

Lucy Jane

The empty shed from summer

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bodysuit: Zara // Shirt: Vintage // Waistcoat: H&M // Jeans: Vintage // Shoes: New Balance // Necklace: Marc Jacobs

Lately the colour palette of my outfits has definitely been a lot more vibrant than the tones in this post, but the brightest days don't always happen.

Levis, levis, levis... the comfiest jeans I ever did own. I paired them with a bodysuit, an item of clothing which has taken me so long to adapt to. The concept of them always screamed 'UNCOMFORTABLE' to me yet I could honestly live in this one. It pulls all my outwards bits inwards which I can't complain about and it looks sleek paired with absolutely anything. Bodysuits, you have won me over! My new balance trainers are pretty much as exciting as I get these days with footwear, I've never been a huge trainer lover but I will do anything I can to make my outfit look good wearing these. They are so comfy, I live for that.

Something I hate is seeing my shed empty. It's like my space for creativity, expression and a place where I feel so free has been put on hold. Even though it is definitely not gone forever, as it's only bare for the winter, I miss it so much! I feel like it's my own little space where I can reflect whatever lies in my head through the way I decorate, just a proper chilling place. 
So this means Shed2.0 this year is going to be bigger and better, watch this space...

Lucy Jane

Wizards cape or a parka? I think I can pull it off

Friday, 12 February 2016

Top: H&M // Denim Jacket: Zara // Jacket: Forever 21 // Pants: New Look // Trainers: New Balance

This outfit came alive by gathering random pieces from random places and throwing it all together, pretty much sums up my life.

I wore this on a recent outing in Manchester to meet up with a new friend Alina who has both a blog and youtube channel. In regards to the weather, it was a pretty dull winters day so layering was a necessity. My striped pants are always a go to piece when struggling to find what to wear so I thought why not? I am obsessed with this denim jacket, but funnily enough it is actually a dress. At a warmer point in the year I might be able to pull it off as a dress but for now the length of it is slightly warning me off. Another one of my most adored pieces in this look is my parka jacket. Even though when the wind hits it, it can look slightly like a wizards cape from Hogwarts I think I can pull that of.

Meeting people for the first time is something that seems quite daunting to me sometimes, I certainly overthink about if their opinion of my will alter in a negative or whether they're expecting more than I am. Meeting Alina for the first time completely freed me of all these worries. It isn't often you meet someone and feel like you've been friends forever, we could've easily spent a good few days chatting about life but instead we got a few hours. I know for a fact our friendship is going to be something special and amazing things will come from it, thank you very much Alina.

Lucy Jane

Embrace the bare face: Wasting words but speaking sense

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I suppose I could say I inherited this trait from my Mum, a constant list maker who probably couldn't think straight without writing things down, but I think I've always felt a certain sense of accomplishment with writing.

The reason I'm associating this with 'Embrace the bare face'  is because it is something deeper than simply staying organised and clear minded by expressing my thoughts onto a blank page. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fairly confident person when it comes to speaking in front of others but I don't feel how I speak and how I write coheir in anyway. When writing I have time to thoroughly think things through, carefully position the right words into the perfectly formed sentences. When I speak, I stumble, I pause and I waste my words. I feel like my creativity and intelligence, what little of it I have, shines through my writing but when I speak, nobody hears what I want to say. 

I've always been one to stand by 'think before you speak' in regards to disputes and disagreements, yet I fail to do so in everyday general conversation. I know I'm not a boring person, I have 1001 things to talk about but sometimes I push them away, diverting myself from what I actually want to say. It can get you in some confusing situations, you know what you want to say but say what they want to hear.
Please say what you want, don't avoid it.

I suppose I'm writing this as a self acknowledgement, I will always love the essence of writing thoughts down either onto a crisp blank page or a bare blog post yet I need a way of applying my unique ideas into real life conversation. 
I love really interesting conversations but feel they are pretty rare to find, remembering specific words you hear people say is something special.

Lucy Jane 

One last thing...
In regards to 'Writing it all down' I wanted to discuss letters, a form of communication which has got lost in the development of instant messaging. As childish as this may sound, I would love to have somebody to write to. To write about life, thoughts, questions and just ponder through pages of notebooks. So if anyone fancies becoming my 'pen pal' let me know...

When your lipstick matches your jacket, you know it's a good day

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Jacket: Charity // Jumper: Primark // Trousers: H&M // Shoes: Topshop

My second day in York felt like a journey through the seasons, the day began with clear blue skies followed by rain showers which eventually turned into snow.
Being frozen is something I do on a daily basis because of fashion...

When your lipstick matches your jacket, you know it's a good day! This suede maroon jacket was £8 very well spent, I'm pretty sure you couldn't find a deal like that on the high street. That is what I love about shopping charity shops, everything is so much more original and the money spent goes to a great cause. My trousers are one of my new favourite pieces! They're loose fitting but fall with a flattering structure proving perfect for the comfy occasions, they also have zips on the ankles. The small details like that satisfy me so much, you've got to love the little things.

I wanted to end this post on how pleasant my time in York was, I spoke to so many wonderful new people and really started to believe in myself for what I am capable of achieving.
 I am inspired to create, think and do, so let's get started.

Lucy Jane

Walking in a Wintour wonderland

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Top & Culottes: Charity Shop // Jacket: H&M // Shoes: H&M // Belt: Mango

Where do I start with this whirlwind of a night? The moment I was metres away from the iconic Anna Wintour, when I was chauffeured with the Mayor of York or when I sat front row to an incredible fashion show featuring ridiculously talented young designers? 
I'll try from the beginning...

I was invited to be part of 'The Northern Youth' due to a blog post I wrote regarding my outlook and opinions on the youth of the north as it is today.
The team of students from York university were organising the event to give the talent we have up north the recognition it deserves, but to also raise money towards charities helping with the refugee crisis the world is facing. Oh and to top the night off, Anna Wintour (e.g. queen of the fashion industry and one of my biggest inspirations) was coming to town.

The night began we me nervously waiting to go in the building I supposedly thought the VIP reception was in, I'm definitely not the most unconfident person in the world but major events like this come with the guaranteed butterflies. I gained the courage to walk in, ask the 'security man' if I was in the right place only to find out I had just asked the Chauffeur to the Mayor of York who was not security. To cut a long story short, I ended up in a limousine with the Mayor of York along with the other lovely women who were some of the loveliest people I've ever met! 

Entering the champagne reception felt so surreal for me, all these prestigious influential people along with their friends and family and then there I was, little Lucy Jane wishing one day I can be half as successful as people I was surrounded by! I really felt quite overwhelmed and proud, blogging is what I love the most and it is finally bringing me these amazing experiences I will never forget. Socialising with other bloggers was something new to me as well, they were so lovely and welcoming, the best kind of people.

I failed my task of introducing myself to Anna Wintour and pleading her to give me an internship at Vogue, but I did come within a pretty close perimeter of her which is some kind of an achievement?  

As for the show, it was incredible! Anna did an inspiring speech which really captured mine and everyone else's attention, she spoke about not becoming 'too specialised' in regards to your interests which is something I believe in. I am always up to trying new things which has developed me as a person, but also my love for fashion. Every aspect of fashion interests me and makes me want to learn. The design, the textiles, the marketing, the visuals, the written approach, the advertising, everything! I try to experiment with it all as the possibilities are limitless...

To sum up my night in a word would be WOW. I thought the team who organised the event were so professional, creative and most of all very very very talented! It just proved the creativity and potential we, as a generation, hold for the north.
'This generation has the capability to do something different, but we are too busy comparing ourselves to one another to notice our power.'
'The Norther Youth' team should strike up attention and influence others to realise the young generation have a voice!
Making a difference does not happen over night.
To everyone reading this who holds a voice for the younger generation, please understand you get nothing for nothing. 
We need to make a change by using our efforts to make the change.
We are all capable of anything, do not doubt it and as Anna Wintour stated her favourite slogan was 'just do it'...

Lucy Jane


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