Just like this sunset, you can't ignore it.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

As I ran towards my favourite sitting spot, I realised my frantic steps looked ridiculous and began to laugh to myself. Halting to catch my breath, I looked around my shoulder only to be greeted by a bold beauty the perfect sunset holds. 
'If I can capture this scene showing simply a small portion of the magic I see in front of me then I will be happy'
I snapped away, using my Canon to try and keep this moment ever lasting. 

There is something enticing about a sunset that makes me have to watch until it's gone, like an episode of your favourite show or a song you sing religiously till the end, I can't seem to ignore it. It's not a sense of closure but a feeling of wonder, I wonder... 
Sitting alone tucked away in a secret spot onlooking the rest of the world when they can't see you feels slightly empowering. People don't notice me, hear me or see me when I'm there but I really do. 

I think I'm 'annoying' which is why I say I hate spending time with myself. Honestly, I think I struggle to. Distractions are always there yet when I sit hidden away witnessing life go by for everyone else I feel a sense of self reassurance.
 It's okay to get lost, go off track or loose focus but it's how you recover that matters.

I love so many things in life and my visions get clouded from time to time which is only human. One thing I love is achieving and proving myself I can do it so this is what I'm going to do. 

Just like this sunset, you can't ignore it.

Lucy Jane

Judging by this outfit, I can't do immaturity in small doses

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Shirt: Charity Shop // Pinafore: Asos // Jacket: Zara // Choker: Forever 21 // Shoes: Doc Martin // Socks: Topshop

An essence of 5 year old with a hint of Grandma thrown in there, the epitemy of this outfit. Sometimes I wonder what possesses me to wear such combinations yet I can't help but say, I love my style!

 My pale blue Docs are the most beautiful purchase I have made in a long time. Although they resemble the classic primary school shoe, I am all about that vibe. A white shirt and blue pinafore really does throw me back to my childhood, yet part of me hopes the combination is slightly more appealing now. The contrasting denim on this pinafore still pleases me so much, it always looks so unique with shirts, polo necks or jumpers.
 I strolled round the streets of Leeds shopping around with my mother thinking 'I wonder what level of maturity these people perceive me as having?'

Maturity is a weird one because how do we actually judge it? I would say it's an important trait to have if needed, but having it all the time is pretty overrated. Having a hint of immaturity keeps the child-like spark of imagination and creation, something which keeps life fun and interesting. I mean if we're judging by this outfit, I can't do immaturity in small doses...

Lucy Jane x

Pink or Purple?

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Jumper: Vintage // Jacket: Zara // Pants: Forever 21 // Necklace: Forever 21 // Shoes: Adidas

So I finally found the perfect black pair of fitted trousers I'd be longing for, but little old Lucy Jane couldn't keep them perfectly forever. Nope, she had to go and split them...

Forever 21 seems to have an endless supply of pieces which are key in my wardrobe and when I found these pants for such a reasonable price I had to buy them. Although they fitted wonderfully at the time, I'm blaming the Victoria Secret bum workout on the fact these split the first time I wore them. It seems to be happening far too often! I brought back my adored striped turtleneck as spring possibly may have sprung meaning I become way more vibrant with my colour choices. My aesthetic for this outfit took inspiration for the 'Chinese street style' I've seen a lot of recently, taking fitted pieces mixing denims, black and bolder tones. 

And I finally ask, is this top pink or purple? 
Let's see what you think...

Lucy Jane

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Jumper & Pants: Charity Shop // Belt: Mango // Boots: New Look // Choker: My mums

Although the title may be the things a bride is supposed to wear, I can safely I'm not getting married yet this outfit seems to be a matter of coincidence. 

Charity shop shopping is my favourite kind, you can find the most unique pieces for such a reasonable price or the most basic staples for half that of the high street. The issue of the clothes being 'someone else's' has never really bothered me, we buy clothes from high street stores marked with make up stains yet some people hate the thought of owning something from a 'charity shop'. Does that really make sense? If you are someone who dislikes the thought of pre-owned clothes, after a good wash most items look brand new! At the end of the day I'm sure shopping is a hobby for so many of you, so go to the charity shops! You're saving money and the money that you spend goes to such a good cause, a little goes a long way...

So, we have the something old as my charity shop purchases, something new is my detailed buckle belt from Mango, something borrowed is my Mum's choker bought from Paris many years ago and something blue which are these lovely high waisted pants. Yet again I've managed to go for my classic high neck top and tailored pants, when will my obsession ever stop?

Lucy Jane

Time to meet the leather hat

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Top: Charity // Dungarees: H&M // Shoes: New Balance // Coat: Urban Outfitters // Hat: Vintage

If you don't follow me on instagram, which you really should @lucysb_, you probably won't be familiar with my beloved leather hat. I bought it on a whim from COW vintage because I thought I looked the slightest bit 'cool' which is an achievement for me. When I got home I showed my Mum what did she do? Laughed in my face! Despite the disapproval from my Mum, this hat is my love and any opportunity to wear it I will take! As for my mum, it was obviously throwing her back to her youth too much...

Searching through a box of old T-shirts, I pulled out this DKNY top for only 50p in a local charity shop and knew I couldn't leave it. Red is my all time favourite colour so that was a plus, but what I loved was the white piping round the edges. It's a trend that's been going on for soooo long, but one that I still love. I think I have a soft spot for vintage looking T-shirts and my collection is continuously growing, I need help!

Lucy Jane

To Mum

Sunday, 6 March 2016

To Mum,

This post is for you, the strongest, proudest, kindest and funniest woman I know who I am thankful to call my Mum. You are the reason I am who I am today, the biggest influencer to make me want to succeed and love everyone around me whilst always being prepared. So happy mother days Mum, I hope you don't cry too much...

Like two peas in one pod, thats my mum and me,
Always together and so happy to be...
To be laughing, to be smiling and to be having a ball,
I love your company so dearly but that's not all...

I love how you've raised me and cared for me every day,
I love how you're so fun but your organised way.
I love your strength and belief in everything I do,
I love your positive outlook, but most of all I love you.

Whether it's swimming in the sea or visiting a quaint town,
The happy moments are endless when I have you around.
Our little monthly adventures must never ever stop,
Always travelling, eating and we can't forget the shops!

Mum you have moulded me into little Lucy Jane,
I think I've turned out alright but I can be a pain.
You are so so special, words can not comprehend...
So thank you very much for being the best ever friend!

Lucy Jane

Itty bitty plait comittee

Friday, 4 March 2016

Jumper: Urban Outfitters // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Topshop

Let's face it, I can't help the fact I want my life to reflect a 60s film so I just embrace it.

A jumper and fitted trousers. This seems to be my go to combination through the winter months, part of me is saddened to let go of the rustic tones and high neck jumpers but lets think summer! Although as I'm writing this it's currently a snow day, in my head, March is a warm month so my summer alarm starts to go off. 

My mum is definitely trying to show her 60s vibes through our interior at the minute so I went for the  'oh so casual just sat at the dining table reading a cool magazine' approach to these pictures by shooting in my kitchen. I love the whole 'aesthetic' as well as my itty bitty plait. Fashion photography is something I adore and want to show more of on my blog but it's just getting round to shooting with models. I'm determined to organise some interesting shoots and get them up on here, any ideas of what to do let me know...

Lucy Jane


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