Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Jumper & Pants: Charity Shop // Belt: Mango // Boots: New Look // Choker: My mums

Although the title may be the things a bride is supposed to wear, I can safely I'm not getting married yet this outfit seems to be a matter of coincidence. 

Charity shop shopping is my favourite kind, you can find the most unique pieces for such a reasonable price or the most basic staples for half that of the high street. The issue of the clothes being 'someone else's' has never really bothered me, we buy clothes from high street stores marked with make up stains yet some people hate the thought of owning something from a 'charity shop'. Does that really make sense? If you are someone who dislikes the thought of pre-owned clothes, after a good wash most items look brand new! At the end of the day I'm sure shopping is a hobby for so many of you, so go to the charity shops! You're saving money and the money that you spend goes to such a good cause, a little goes a long way...

So, we have the something old as my charity shop purchases, something new is my detailed buckle belt from Mango, something borrowed is my Mum's choker bought from Paris many years ago and something blue which are these lovely high waisted pants. Yet again I've managed to go for my classic high neck top and tailored pants, when will my obsession ever stop?

Lucy Jane


  1. Ah this outfit is the best! I adore how tailored your trousers are! x

  2. I completely agree with you, I would much rather buy a top for £6 and just wash it before wearing it than buying a brand new one for £25 odd! Makes no sense! Love this outfit though and those trousers are lush! x

    Emily -

  3. I love shopping at thrift stores, my favorite gems are second hand!!! You can find the cutest things for such a cheap price, honestly who cares if someone else wore it!?! That choker is oh so cute ohhhh my!!!!

  4. nothing wrong with charity shops imo! i know people tend to dismiss it but i think its great, and not to mention ecological. i love the jumper and trousers that you found. the only bad thing about charity shops i guess is that i will probably not find that top and those trousers that you did haha

    xo Sarah

    1. Yep, that is true but you can always try to find something similar!



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