Saturday, 15 October 2016

Zig zag.
In a weird way I feel like this sums up my life at the minute, a constant change of situation.

At this time in my life as a 17 year old there certainly is so much pressure to perform, not only from people surrounding but from myself. I have A levels, a job, University creeping up, my blog and within all that I still want to have my own time. Generally, I would say I'm quite an organised, persistent person but recently this seems to have flopped.

So this is my note to self:

Lucy, compiling a heap of things to do into your mind is never going to work. Constantly zig zagging, flicking through what you should be doing compared to what you are doing. 
Prioritise what matters, learn from your mistakes...

Lucy Jane


  1. That was me exactly two years ago; it was insane, but I wish you all the best, Lucy. I find prioritizing worked for me, personally. Loving the look as usual, and wishing you well! x


    1. Thank you lovely, everything seems to be go go go at the minute!

  2. We all have our days where everything is just..tooooo crazzzyyy!!! I think writing lists helps a lot, personally. Also, I just looovveeeee the way you are editing your pictures. SO CUTE!!

  3. This is literally my favourite of all your outfits! I could wear looks like these everyday ahh <3




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