Charity shop bop: Glitter Velvet

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Velvet culottes have been on my wishlist for months. With Zara bringing out the most beautifully sewn yet incredibly expensive embroidered versions, I just could not seem to find the perfect pair.

Guess what my charity shop bopping lead me to?

Once loved by some elderly lady, at the small sum of £1 they are now my beloved pants that I know I will constantly wear. With winter being my peak time for eating loads and then wanting to hide the damage done, oversized baggy trousers are the only things I seem to want in my life. They are comfy, loose and so so soft. 

I think I have a love hate relationship with velvet. It reminds me of my 13 year old days of wearing creepers, black velvet skirt and my Granddads old shirts. Those were the days I thought my style was individual but let's just say tumblr had a huge influence.
 As of now, I think me and velvet have a great relationship but not anything near that of me and glitter!

Lucy Jane

a dream.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Dream as if your mind is a portal to any distant reality desired to visit, the potential of hope for escapism. We can condense ourselves into the smallest matter; irrelevant, unacknowledged, yet so content in our imagined reality. Rather become matter, dreaming of influence, importance and talent. Having a whirlwind of a mind that refuses to switch off dream mode, I will say that how I dream is never big enough. 

A dream. The dream. 
What is it all about? A strength to reach your highest potential in life will surely not be an everlasting feeling so what happens after 'the dream' those strive for? 
I believe creating tomorrow by the dreams of today can be the only fulfilling solution as 'the dream' you want now may differ in a matter of time. 

 I dream of New York, my inner voice constantly tells me I'd be the perfect fit for the big city. I can't just go, money, housing, work, family and presidents but thats a topic for another day...
My dream of moving to New York may be achieved in another tomorrow.

Dream as wildly, as boldly and as freely as you wish, but do not build a life upon a false pretence of you 'living THE dream'. 

Lucy Jane

Charity shop bop: Pretty little lace

Saturday, 12 November 2016

I am sure you've all seen the ever evolving slip-dress craze that has taken over the Instagram bloggers. The perfect way to transition into winter, throw on some layers. As much as I adore the classic slip look, being someone who enjoys experimenting with colour and texture I was ready to set my eye on an alternate craze...

The cami top! A basic we will all have stuffed away in our wardrobes, draws or even pyjama cupboard. This pretty little basic cost me £1 and I am almost 100% sure that if you head down to your local charity shops and search through the nightwear stand, you will bag yourself a similar bargain to me. With such a versatile piece, it is easy to adapt from day to night as I opted for a rather sophisticated look for me. I decided to add my velvet slit skirt, also from a charity shop, along with a basic shimmered tee. Having the body con element to the skirt with the loose fitting top is something interesting to experiment with. Pick out your best points, enhance them!

Yet again another outfit born from the renewed, recycled clothes.
Get charity shopping!

Lucy Jane

the boyZ

Saturday, 5 November 2016

So pink, so feminine and so filled with the boyz.

Unfortunately, theres no juicy story attached to this dress other than the fact I was feeling really negative one day after work, so decided a trip to Zara would fulfil my happiness, but...

I'll give 10 points if anyone can find their name on the dress!

There is something about loud prints I used to despise. I always thought of them slightly tacky but glitter loving Lucy now never even considers tacky! For winter, it is necessary to have those outfits that can instantly pick you up. The dark dreary season is often reflected through dull tones which saddens me as a lover of colour, we need to keep it bright! This dress has the perfect combination of pattern and colour. I think Zara have made an absolute winner with such a unique piece. Whether it be through colour or comfort, get your go to winter pick me up outfit sorted because on the rainiest, windiest, chilliest day, you can walk out the door feeling fancy!

Lucy Jane

Paisley days

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Paisley days, the bright and bold ones.
 The ones that jump out at you, making you think 'oh my gosh'. 
Not necessarily a literary term for it, yet 'paisley days' seems to sum it up. 

Recently, life has been flowing at a pace I'm unable to compete with, leaving me rather stressed, tired and dreary. I live for the exciting times and begin to neglect my every day life, the part that really matters. It is hard to visualise a pathway for the future. Trying to set yourself in the now when everyone is constantly wanting the future is not an easy task. 

I put myself in a predicament, worrying what if it doesn't work but really who knows whats around the corner. Right now I have sent off my UCAS application, applying for fashion marketing and praying I get the offers. I dream of London, the city life with creativity in every corner. I know where I want to be next year, but what about tomorrow?

I can only decide tomorrow from today. 
Do you live for the moment or live for your life?
How do you get it?

Lucy Jane


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