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Saturday, 5 November 2016

So pink, so feminine and so filled with the boyz.

Unfortunately, theres no juicy story attached to this dress other than the fact I was feeling really negative one day after work, so decided a trip to Zara would fulfil my happiness, but...

I'll give 10 points if anyone can find their name on the dress!

There is something about loud prints I used to despise. I always thought of them slightly tacky but glitter loving Lucy now never even considers tacky! For winter, it is necessary to have those outfits that can instantly pick you up. The dark dreary season is often reflected through dull tones which saddens me as a lover of colour, we need to keep it bright! This dress has the perfect combination of pattern and colour. I think Zara have made an absolute winner with such a unique piece. Whether it be through colour or comfort, get your go to winter pick me up outfit sorted because on the rainiest, windiest, chilliest day, you can walk out the door feeling fancy!

Lucy Jane


  1. The print on that dress is so OTT but we love it, especially how it pops against the black :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. This dress is so cute oh man!!! I completely agree with the whole glitter bright outfits can make your mood better. My clothes have a place in my heart (sounds very materialistic..oh well) and creating a cute outfit makes my day better!!



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