Saturday, 17 December 2016

I would like to think that these shots are a representation of me pretending to be some relevant girl of the 70s, but really I just had some time on my hands whilst doing a photography shoot.

Something about the vibe of 'sophisticated, mysterious 70s girl' really draws me in, I feel like in a past life I would have been that and in a future life I will try. I think living with an influence from different eras is so important, those years shaped the people who have brought us up so it's only fair to pay some kind of interest. 
What interests me is the freedom.

You see pictures from the 70s, the rise of freedom. The youth didn't realise the trends they had created and the impact they had; people continue to develop them to this day. Those pictures, poems and videos all made back in the 1970s inspire so many to triumph stronger, shout louder and live free.
It seemed like a cool time to be alive.

Lucy Jane


  1. Love these photos (and that jacket)!
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

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  4. ugh these are such cute pictures!!!!! the 70s were pretttyyyyy cool (have u seen dazed & confused, suuuccchhhh a good rendition of the 70s)

    1. Going to give that a watch tonight, sounds like my perfect film!

  5. Love the funky edits on these photos and your fluffy jacket :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  6. Your editing style is too cool and so unique girl I love it! Being influenced by past era's is so important last year I was obsessed with a series Carrie diaries basically based on carrie bradshaw from sex and the city but her growing up as a teen in the 80's! The fashion and the culture is so cool and inspiring definitely check it out hun I think you'd like it its a lil cheesy but that just ads to the fun! I'm due to rewatch it soon!
    Have a lovely christmas doll xx

    1. I used to watch that programme and absolutely loved it!! It got taken off the website so I couldn't find to watch it anywhere but it's so good, thank you!

  7. Love this, your blog is so different and original! <3



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