SOOOOOO 2017, what are ya gonna bring?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Sooooo 2017?
Personally I feel like next year is going to be a huge year for me, I know there is going to be so many changes and who knows where I'll be this time next year! I decided to test my pyschic ability and have a think about what next year will bring me in regards to different things, my first being fashion...

Slowly but surely this trend is trickling into the wardrobe of so many, although we might not realise those fishnets, checkers and tee dresses are all inspired from this era. The dark, androgynous feel to the looks yet something about wearing these looks feel so so feminine. Although in recent trends the inspiration has been incorporated into streetwear, I think 2017 will be the year of a reckless Lucy not following the timid trend.

If you're staring at this collage and thinking 'You will never catch me in that!' think again!
With the advancements in tech fashion, developing textiles in order to compete with the rapid market is something I believe will happen. Rather than the generic fabrics, we are becoming bolder creating a demand for something different. Discovering new materials and making them more wearable is so 2017!
Also, I think along with an emphasis on textiles, there will be an emphasis on nudity. I 100% agree that female or male nudity should not be shamed, our bodies are our own, of course respect others but your own self respect is not defined by your degree of physical exposure. Our bodies are beautiful, by using an art form such as fashion to contribute to the beauty is not something to degrade!

May be not a high fashion trend, but one I personally think our youth of today are going to quickly adapt. Rave culture was always about not really caring about much other than music; baggy clothes, bright colours and quirky accessories. It probably wasn't a trend they intended to create but seems iconic now. The look of 90's kid will always be an influence, yet specifically rave culture is bound to influence the brits...

Hate it or love it, glitter is hear to stay. 
(well on this blog at least)
For years we branded it as 'tacky' but for some unknown reasons glitter is becoming sophisticated, wearable and chic. I will admit, I spent years as a glitter hater but now I can not get enough of it. I love the love cut sheer tops, so unrealistic yet so chic. 
2017 you will be glittery, even more glittery than this year.

Lucy Jane


  1. I LOVE this post, it's such fresh content and I absolutely love the visuals! I too used to brand glitter as tacky for years, even as a 7 year old kid all I wanted was a pair of jeans devoid of any embellishment but, now I am starting to warm to glitter, especially in boot form and I have penchant for 90s-esque sequin camis and/or mini skirts. I am hoping 60s space age era chainmail makes a big appearance this year, I've already seen it crop up a few times but I need MORE - especially in halter neck top form, it would be glorious!

    "our bodies are our own, of course respect others but your own self respect is not defined by your degree of physical exposure" I really love that line, it is exactly how I feel and so well put. xx

    1. Thank you!! Oh my gosh yes I love that trend to, definitely will come back at some point. Thank you so much, I just think body shaming in any way shouldn't be tolerated, glad you liked it!xx

  2. This post is gorgeous!! Do you have a tumblr? I bet you'd have a really good tumblr. And yes, glitter is here to stay!

    Passion Blog |

    1. Thank you! I actually don't have a tumblr but I might make one, I'll let you know!

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