35mm diaries: Hometown

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Shot on Olympus OM10

Gazing over the familiar landscape, I being to wonder...will this always feel familiar?
Surrounded by the bouncing hills along the horizon, the roads that lead to the same old places and the people who shaped who I am. You don't understand how special something is till you consider leaving it behind. A picturesque landscape, one thats mine.

18 years of life exploded into this place providing 18 years of unforgettable memories.
I think of it as a town of in between, not too far from the hustling city yet not too far from the peaceful countryside.
 The perfect mix.

Now comes 2017, where the prospect of moving away from here seems 100% guaranteed. Venturing from my Hometown to London, or so I hope. Welcoming changes and new beginnings and from that a different life will evolve. Pushed out of every comfort I have ever know into a blank, bare page. 
I hope I can rewrite my comforts and make it feel like my Hometown.

Lucy Jane


  1. Oh I love these so much, the photos create vibes that are calm and vibrant at the same time ahh


    1. I love this comment, thank you for reading!

  2. Love these photos! Good luck with your move to London :)

  3. So cool!! Love and hugs and wish you a very happy Valentine's Day!

    Mary MarĂ­a Style

  4. these are so damn cute!!!!!!! the one of the cat is everything. all the luck to your (maybe) future move!!! it's scary, but the experiences will just override it :-)

  5. this is beautiful!! all the best for the future x




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