Sunday, 26 February 2017

The perfect valentines day was spent wandering the streets of Notting Hill where I stumbled upon a little gem...

Sifting through the rails of the most up-market Oxfam I have EVER encountered, I came across the worlds most amazing coat. Presumably vintage, this bright blue suede jacket is the most perfect piece I have ever found. With a slight comparison to Marc Jacobs recent A/W17 collection, this shearling coat is everything I ever wanted and more! It was as if by chance I found this colourful coat as 1. My unplanned outfit matched it perfectly and 2. I was shooting in Notting Hill, a placed renowned for its colourful houses!
All things happen for a reason...

Although this #CHARITYSHOPBOP was a slight splurge being £29.99, the coat feels brand new! Once bought, I strolled around with my Mum through Notting Hill and Chelsea falling in love with the places I could only ever dream of living in. Seeing such grandeur and glamour in a residential place just felt so weird, but so glamorous. 

I love seeing such contrasting parts of London as the more you search for the more you discover. This time next year I hope to have composed many more blog posts of my London adventures, along with a continuing theme of #CHARITYSHOPBOP !!

Lucy Jane



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