When In Shoreditch

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Discovering new places is something I love to do, you diversify what you know, what you've seen and how you look at things. Walking around Shoreditch for the first time was exactly this, the overwhelming sense of something new and exciting...

Wall after wall beautifully hidden behind a mask of graffiti, it felt like I was in a live art exhibition. Every corner turned opened up a story of somebody out there with something to say through the bright colours and bold statements. The independence this must have given a community seems so liberating, they have become part of their environment. Some pieces were so intricately detailed contrasting with the simple, yet each looked to me as if it belonged in an art gallery. The hundreds of murals surrounding me did become rather overwhelming as it took me right out of the places I was used to, I had a moment of anxiety because this new place was so new?

I'm not a particularly nervous person, I find facing things quite easy and try to take everything in my stride. When in Shoreditch it hit me in a way I'd not felt before and I crumbled under the unknown. Once I'd realised it is okay to not feel comfortable in new experiences, my day got back to normal but it taught me this...

I am 18 this year and officially an adult. New opportunities, responsibilities and situations will constantly be thrown at me and it is OKAY to not dive in head first. Things always work out even if at first glance it seems impossible to overcome, you can do it!

Lucy Jane




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