Floral nights of Kefalonia

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Two piece - Zara / Choker - Ebay / Bag - Topshop / Sandals - New Look

A floral night of Kefalonia, filled with countless cocktails and ever so fancy food. The calm of the 8 o'clock scramble up the small hill to Scala town centre was exhausting but rewarding, you could smell the tavernas from a mile off! The heat wrapped around your body all hours of the day and never giving up at night. The hours of perfecting the prettiest glow all gone to waste as humidity battles your make up, melting it off your face. The town of Scala is small but something about it feels homely, like a place to return to when in need of relaxing and rewinding.

I struggle to relax and rewind and felt almost 100% content whilst away. 
I wish so badly to be back in those floral nights of Kefalonia rather than the sleepless night of reality.

Lucy Jane


  1. Oh damn you look so good! And so does that drink you're drinking! I love the barrette you're wearing. Just love it all really. As well as your outfit I also love the way you lay out your photos. Also I have never heard of Kefalonia but it sounds so exotic to me and your outfit coincides really well with the exotic vibes of the name of the place you went! I feel like you have perfected the holiday dress code

  2. love love love this outfit!! Sounds like such a perfect place

    Tasha x



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