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Thursday, 7 September 2017

A style heavily influencing the fashion world in recent months is the retro styles of the 90s and early 2000s. The only way I can describe the look is that its so uncool, it actually looks pretty cool. People seem to be pulling inspiration from Paris to Britney, the Olsen twins to the notorious Mean Girls and I absolutely love it! The famous trends linked to these 'IT girls' at the time were feminine, sexy and unique, like the velour tracksuit that was iconic in my youth! I looked towards the grunge scene of this era, playing up pieces with this tough, strong feminine vibe. 

Lets begin with my 50p Charity shop glasses which you'll either love or hate. All over Instagram my feed has been filled with people rocking these slim shades and I'd been debating whether they were a hit or a miss. As a practical pair of sunglasses they definitely don't fit the bill, but as a unique accessory I think they add a twist to any look. 
Keeping on the theme of accessories, I layered two chokers purchased from Ebay and Primark because I feel so bare without them. The geometric piece kicks off the chunky silverware accent to the look, matching my red Charity Shop belt and my DIY B&Q thick chain. Having such stand out accessories can either make or break an outfit, in this case it makes it!

Rummaging through my usual location of a charity shop, I discovered this mens oriental print top which I knew I could style up in such a different way.  Whenever I come across oriental pieces whilst charity shopping, I automatically want to buy them as the prints are so intricate and with the culture behind it, it will never get old. I paired a Zara mesh top underneath which is a staple for A/W as its all about those layers. Another staple is my Asos denim skirt which I wear to death! When you find a good denim skirt, a part of your heart feels fulfilled that was once empty. Slight exaggeration but I do love it a great deal.

You be the judge, is this look so cool or so uncool?

Lucy Jane


  1. Love this outfit - definitely think it's cool! Can't believe the glasses were a 50p charity shop find - so good! X

    1. They're so on trend as well, I couldn't believe it when I stumbled upon them!

  2. I love your top!! I can't wait to go charity shop shopping when I finally get a day off work! Also cute skirt I think I ordered the same one but neither of my usual sizes seemed to fit me but I love that style of skirt so much with the raw hem. I like how you feel naked without chokers because I'm the complete opposite- maybe because they just accentuate the fact I have a stumpy neck but I just can not pull of chokers, nor can I wear them very comfortably either to be honest!

    1. Aww yes, get out to those charity shops & thats so weird because it fits me so well! Thanks for your lovely comments!

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