An essence of eighteen (shoot 2)

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

What does it mean to be an adult?
Take on responsibility and build a life.
Your 18 now, an adult.
No longer young and innocent,
no longer shy and hiding 
behind the lives of everyone else.
A day is all it took,
from a child to an adult.
Do we just find the essence of eighteen?

I write this post because I've never found the essence of eighteen. My eighteenth year was the year I most depended on the help of others and disregarded all responsibility because I couldn't build a life.
I was supposed to take on the world independently, me, myself and I.
The reality was I couldn't so I didn't. 
I needed people to help me because I was pretty much helpless, but that was okay.

So many standards to meet and expectations to defy and my eighteenth year taught me to say a big F**K YOU to everything I was meant to become. 
Age is just a number, growth is a personal thing.
I might find an essence of eighteen at twenty, thirty or I might never find it!
Who really cares, life's too short for reaching...

Lucy Jane


  1. Firstly, I love these photos so much. Secondly, damn right!! Age literally means nothing, it sucks your 18th year wasn't the best but things will get better and you have many poppin years to come :)x

  2. really cool photography! i love the location and everything!!

    Tasha x



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