My winter uniform

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Coat: Boohoo // Jumper: M&S // Pants: Zara // Boots: Dr Martens // Bag: Zara // Hat: Topshop

A lot of the time I want to showcase the creme de la creme of my style through my blog, save the best outfits for posting because thats what I feel most confident in. For 2018 I've decided to show every single aspect of my 'style' because lets be honest, most days I favour comfort over anything!
I find this time of the year quite hard to dress for as it is F R E E Z I N G and I refuse to catch a cold. So whenever I leave the house I have a go to warm outfit I'd like to call 'my winter uniform'.

First of all, I need a big, comfy, warm jumper! I have a few I rotate through during winter but this star printed M&S find has to be my favourite. My Mum actually got me this for Christmas which was the first surprise and the second was that it was from M&S. I adore the fit, the colour, the pattern and the fact it makes me feel so snug. In addition to the items keeping me warm, I constantly wear my Boohoo black puffer coat as it is so cozy I never want to take it off. The downside is it's black and I do find my outfits lacking much colour, but when I'm warm, I'm happy so who really cares. For my bottoms I can always count on my trusty pair of Zara flares. They're so much comfier than jeans or fitted trousers and I think they hug onto my curves and flatter my figure a lot! I always think with a pair of flares you need some chunky shoes and in winter I am forever wearing my Dr Martens. I've worn them so much they feel like slippers to me and I have just enough room to wear a pair of fluffy socks to keep my feet toasty, what more could you want?

I guess my winter uniform isn't all that glamorous or astounding but for now it's purposeful. I adore dressing up for ANY occasion, but on an everyday basis I lean towards the comfort factor. I can't wait for days to get a little bit warmer as I know my style flourishes then with colours, patterns and textures!
What is your winter uniform?

Lucy Jane


  1. hmm is there anything better than a nice comfy, warm turtle neck during the colder months?! dreamy

    loving your eye make up here too, such a lush colour!

    katie. xx

    1. Exactly, nothing can beat it! Thank you so much, I used the Anastasia modern renaissance palette!

  2. it is nice to visit your site.nice blog. you look very pretty.

  3. This outfit is so cool!! Even though its just your casual 'uniform' I think its super cool and stylish!!

    Tasha x



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