One day we're gonna live in Paris

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Jacket: Charity Shop // Top: New Look // Jeans: Levis // Shoes: Marks & Spencer // Bag: Zara // Belt: Mango // Beret: Primark

I apologise in advance for the amount of 'White wall' pictures you're going to see over the next few weeks, but I'm determined to get back into blogging and this is my best spot! Over the years I'd always shot pictures in so many locations and had learnt to ignore the glares off strangers. I loved being in the outdoors to shoot, creating unique compositions whilst showing off scenery. Recently, that has become quite challenging for me to do. With both my mental and physical health feeling like a rollercoaster over the past few months, it has had an impact on me.

The main thing that's changed is my confidence, I know I've built boundaries up against things that I'd never had before. I am so much more self-conscious and self-doubting which doesn't help when trying to build confidence in myself. I've 'folded in on myself' as I now feel so small when I used to stand so tall.
But what is stopping me from standing tall again?

I want to work myself back up to being as care free as I once was because I had so much faith in myself and everything I did. I still believe everyone happens for a reason, so I believe that me feeling so much smaller only leaves room for even more self growth to become so much taller.

One day we're gonna live in Paris because one day I'm gonna get that wanderlust and confidence back. 

Lucy Jane


  1. It sucks that your confidence has shrunk but if you had it before you can definitely get it back and even more next time!! I'm so bad at taking photos in public but there's never good lighting in my room so I just gave up trying to take nice pictures. I like the white wall with this outfit though, helps make your trousers pop. I'm jealous you can pull off a beret and that that bag looks so cool! I find it funny that your shoes are form M&S just because it's such a cool look, all your outfits are, can't imagine you shopping in M&S (no hate to M&S though I love it there). x

    1. I know, got to think positive like that! Thank you so much, it is so hard taking pictures in public but I suppose you just got to build yourself back to it. Ahahah, it is a weird one but they were from an Alexa Chung collection so I had to get them!



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