Monday, 15 January 2018

Monday 8th January 

Did some charity shopping, everything 1/2 price!

Tuesday 9th January

Trip to Manchester

Wednesday 10th January

Doctors visits and Monopoly games

Thursday 11th January


Friday 12th/Saturday 13th January

A mish mash of feeling ill


Monday was the day I started healthy living as I had this thought that put everything in perspective.
There are some parts of my health that I have no control over but there are many parts that I do, I decided I am determined to control of my health and fitness and build myself up again. Me and my Mum popped down to the local Charity Shop where everything was 1/2 price which meant spending only £9 on a variation of coats, dresses and tops!
I started watching 'The end of the fucking world' and I am OBSESSED.

Tuesday was a trip to Manchester which was a first for me in a long while. Prior to being ill, going to Manchester was almost a weekly if not daily occurrence. I'd always be there to shop, for nights out and I spent a good few months working in the city. It was a place I was so confident to be in, it felt like home. Venturing there now holds a lot of anxiety for me. Even though I know the city, I can feel really lost and overwhelmed because I feel so different being there now.
Nevertheless, I managed to get there on Tuesday and had the most wonderful day out with my Mum which I must say, I am pretty proud of.

Wednesday I allowed myself a looooong sleep which meant sleeping until 12. If you didn't know, I have Ulcerative Colitis and a symptom I get almost all the time is general fatigue. I could sleep for hours on end and still be tired, it's not fun. I got up, went on my exercise bike and did some workout videos. My evening started with a Doctors consultation which wasn't too bad, I will be making a new post updating 'My Disease' as there is lots to talk about. I then spent my night with some of my favourite people playing Monopoly and saying goodbye before they leave for uni :(

Thursday was photoshoot day with Ell! I woke up, did my workout and then got everything ready to shoot with Ell. I haven't done much photography over these last few months which does make me really sad, it's something I am so passionate about and adore doing so I knew in 2018 I wanted to get back into it. I opted for a 70s theme for the shoots and they will be coming to my blog very soon!

So Friday wasn't the greatest day, I came off steroid medication on Wednesday which had been keeping me reasonably well and the effect of no steroids hit me Friday. To put it politely, it was a day spent in bed, asleep or on the loo. 
Not all days can be 10/10.

Saturday I woke up hoping that Friday had just been a bad day, but within the first few hours I knew it was here to stay. I did manage to get a work out in as I was trying everything possible to make me feel a bit better as I wanted to go out that night. Unfortunately, I wasn't up for it. I managed to get a last minute appointment with my GP who wrote me a prescription of some more medication that is supposed to help in a flare up. After a trip to the late night pharmacy, I found out I couldn't get it till Monday which is fine, I'll just stay in bed till then.

I'm writing this on Sunday and have pretty much stayed in bed all day but I refuse to feel guilty about it. I used to get so angry with myself if I didn't fulfil my days but now I'm learning to just accept it. My disease is not yet fully under control so I have to expect good days and bad days in my week as if I pushed myself to try and make them all good, I would fall apart. 
One thing about the first 4 days of this week was that I actually felt quite normal again, I felt like life had fallen back into place. It's given me a glimmer of hope of what life can be like when I reach remission, I need that to be soon.

Lucy Jane


  1. i absolutely adore the way you've edited these photos, its so so cool. I'm so sorry you're finding things physically challenging at the moment with your illness, days in bed are 1000% justified, regardless of what your mind tells you-yay for being able to have a few 'normal' days and charity shop bargains though!!! also I feel you on the 'friends going back to uni' sadness :(

    1. Thank you so much, exactly I definitely am learning to accept how my body feels rather than fight against it and I think thats so important. Yes!! Charity shops are my holy grail!! & it's so sad seeing them all leave, hopefully can be me soon! Thanks for your lovely comment Katie!

  2. I lovee this idea, such a great idea and nice way to document it! Also "The end of the fucking world" is so great omg, i cant stop watching!! I hope you're doing ok, sending love and good vibes xxx

  3. I've also learned to accept days where you don't necessarily get much done, somethings they're needed :)

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

  4. I totally love this post. Your blog looks amazing, I'm definitely staying here :)



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