Is pink my new red?

Monday, 5 February 2018

Roll Neck: Vintage // Jumper: New Look // Pants: Miss Selfridge // Coat: Charity // Boots: Docs // Necklace: Forever 21

The big question that has been looming over me recently, is pink the new red?
Last year, red was such a big colour in the world of fashion. It dominated all the high street stores for a good portion of the year with my Instagram feed basically turning red!
 Being someone who already loved red, I fully embraced the return of red and accumulated countless red pieces which will stay with me forever. 
Recently I've been turning away from the red items and verging towards the pinks (even though I write this as I'm sat in a red hoody, makes no sense). It gets to this time of year and everyone is ultimately done with the dull, dreary darkness this season brings. We want something bright, energetic and vibrant to pull us back into the swing of things and going pink is my answer!
In regards to upcoming trends, lilacs and violets are the next big colour coming into style but you've still got to do your own thing. Trends come in to take inspiration from, not to copy, so look at the colour palettes, patterns or shapes and create you're own version!

This little look is definitely cozy and comfy, a necessity for me these days. I began by layering a few pink pieces all varying in tones, styles and textures. I adore layering roll necks under round neck jumpers as it adds a contrast to the look, along with keeping me very warm. My New Look fluffy jumper has kept me going throughout this winter as it feels so snuggly to wear and every time I've worn it, I've received a compliment!
My favourite piece of this outfit is my pink teddy bear coat which I picked up for £5 from a Charity Shop last year. It baffles me that Topshop started selling a coat almost identical to mine, charging £69! This is why I urge you all to start Charity Shopping and let me know what you find!
To compliment all the pink tones on top, I popped on my favourite striped wide pants. I bought these pants around November time and they've definitely been my most worn piece this winter! They're so flattering yet so comfy and if I could, I'd be wearing them every single day!

To conclude my question, I'm not quite sure that pink will be the new red, it may just be a close second.
This year I want to experiment more with colour, shape and texture, branch out and try new things!
Find my new red...

Lucy Jane


  1. I think you should love pink and red equally because you look amazing in both! <3

  2. I've been loving pink more recently! You suit pink so well, it looks stunning on you xx

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  3. love this outfit and the cute colours!

    Tasha x

  4. Beautiful pink coat!


  5. Such gorgeous shades of pink, I realized after reading this that I don't own anything pink in my wardrobe at the moment! Definitely need to fix that soon hehe x


    1. Yes you definitely do, would look amazing on you!



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