Pink Pants and Pretty Places

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Top: Charity Shop // Pants: Nasty Gal // Jacket: Boohoo // Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 // Necklace: H&M

If you've read my latest post 'A Seaside Dream' you'll know that last weekend I spent my time relaxing in a beautiful coastal town on the North East coast called Runswick Bay. It was a quaint, picturesque village and I had the most wonderful time with my family.

Surprisingly, the one challenge of this trip was choosing outfits suitable for the weather as it still feels very much like Winter in the UK. Even though it's dull and dreary, my aim was to bring a little bit of like back with some bold colour choices! 
Introducing... THE PINK SUIT PANTS!!!!
Let me tell you about these AMAZING pants (or trousers, whatever floats your boat). A few weeks ago I was browsing which is a site I've never shopped at before. I came across this pink suit worn by a model with a very similar look as me and I fell in love. I spent weeks debating whether buying a full pink suit was really a good idea but one day, I woke up and decided 'You know what, I would feel strong and sassy AF in that suit and I need that in my life!', so I ordered it and I'm SO glad that I did! There will be a post featuring the whole ensemble but for now, appreciate the beauty which lies within these pants...

My pink pants are definitely a statement piece so I decided to go for a more casual combo by adding a graphic tee, obviously had to be an Elvis one as we all know my love for that man. The faded tones in the top definitely work well against the pants making them seem even brighter than they already are! I went for my reliable black puffer jacket as it keeps me warm, keeps me dry and I think I look quite cool in it (let me know). I then paired Nike Air Force 1's with the look to give off the street-style vibe that I was going for. I'm really enjoying playing down statement pieces at the minute. Whether it's a bold pant, shoe or jacket, I think finding a variety of ways to wear your wardrobe is so important. 
I loooooove travelling round to pretty places in my pink pants, what's your favourite statement piece to make more casual?

Lucy Jane


  1. You look gorgeous hun! Love the pop of color :)

    xx Lisa |

  2. Adore the color of your trousers! They are so pretty and perfect for both spring and summer. Have a nice day. xx


  3. So funky!! Also, I agree- you do look cool in a puffer jacket. I really want one because they look so warm, but I keep thinking winter is almost over so I don't need one but let's be real, climate change is fucking us all over at the moment so I may as well buy one. I love your pink trousers so much, I'm excited to see the whole ensemble!x

    1. I definitely recommend getting a puffer jacket, we're probably going to be freezing till June at this rate so why not! Thank ya!x



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