Charity Shop Transformation: £1 cow print skirt into animal print two piece!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Todays post is something new and exciting coming to Infinity of Fashion and I hope you love it just as much as I do...

If you're an avid reader of my blog, you will know how much I adore Charity Shopping and how much I adore to share the pieces I find with you! My #CharityShopBop posts get such amazing feedback so I decided that Infinity of Fashion needed some more Charity Shop goodness as it's content I love to share and you love to read! So, I present to you...
Charity Shop Transformation!!!

Now, I preach about Charity Shopping so much as I always seem to come across nice things and amazing bargains so I want to share them. However, one of the main comments I get when people try and go Charity Shopping is...

 'How do you find this stuff?! Whenever I go it looks just like my Grandparents wardrobe!'

Well yes, that's because it pretty much is but you have to look past that and think how YOU could make it your own. From turning skirts into two pieces, tops into crops, I want to show you how things that look awful on the hanger can be changed into something stunning! It's  more sustainable, its cheaper and you're money goes to a good cause so get transforming!

Today I'm going to tell you how I turned this £1 Grandma style midi skirt into a Motel inspired two piece. As I said, I picked this item up for £1 meaning that if things did go wrong when transforming it, I hadn't really wasted my money on trying. I instantly went to this skirt because of the cow print. I'm a true lover of animal print and cow print is about the only print I don't actually own! I'd seen sets on Asos/Motel for £50+ so decided I might as well have a go at making one myself. 

What I did...

To start of with I cut the skirt with sharp scissors (blunt ones may create a messy line) to my desired length following the circular shape of the skirt. I allowed myself enough extra material so I could turn it under and hem so the edging along the bottom was neat. 
Once it was cut, I pinned under the material to my desired length and tried it on. Always make sure to pin and try on before sewing, it may take longer but its so much more accurate.
I then sewed the material with a straight stitch along the hem to create a neat edging and the skirt was done as simple as that!
As I had cut material off the skirt, I decided I had enough fabric for me to create a bandeau top. 
To make the top I took the material I had cut off the bottom of the skirt and cut it in half so it became one lone strip rather than a circle.
I then pinned the horizontal edge which wasn't hemmed into place and tried it on, once right I sewed the hem with a straight stitch on the machine.
After that all I had to do was hem the edges where I'd cut it vertically and that was it!
In order to fasten the top I decided a tied back was the simplest but you could get a zip or some buttons if you fancied something different. 
There you go!

It really wasn't a difficult process and anyone with access to a sewing machine could definitely do exactly what I did.  You just have to think creatively and have a vision of what you want it to become. I turned a £1 skirt into an amazing two piece that I'm sure will be turning heads when I wear it this summer! 
I hope this inspires you to do some Charity Shop Transformations and I'd love to see them if you do!

Lucy Jane


  1. I think you have magic hands to a) be able to find such nice things and b) be able to transform items into some very cool co-ords etc. I went to a few charity shops last week and thought of you haha, I managed to find a brand new Urban Outfitters corduroy skirt for only £5 (I was gutted when I tried it on and it was too short)

    Dalal //

    1. aww no, you could always think of a way to diy? turn it into a crop top may be, just got to thank outside the box and it will come naturally, thank you!x

  2. You look pretty chic babe.
    Love this coords

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. I freaking love the results!!


  4. I love DIY projects and this charity shop transformation is awesome. I'm a big fan of vintage/second hand/ charity shops, so I can totally see myself trying this one. I have a few skirts in my closet that are a big too big for me, so I might give it a try.

    You look like a million dollars girl! This two piece set looks phenomenal on you.

    1. YES!! Give it a try and let me know the result, sure it will be incredible!x

  5. How cute is that co-ord! You're so talented!

  6. You are an artist xx

  7. You're so talented Lucy! The two piece looks amazing and I can't believe it only cost £1! x

  8. Ahhh I love this one too! <3
    Adore the co-ord you made, and all the thrifting is so much better for the environment - you've inspried me to give this a go!x



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