The lost film photos of 2018

Sunday, 29 July 2018

I found 3 rolls of film undeveloped, clueless of what was on them. 
I got them printed and these were the results. 
So many happy times and perfect moments.
The lost film photos of 2018.

Lucy Jane


  1. This is such a lovely idea for a blog post - I always have tonnes of photos left over on my film camera that don't ever see the light of day, but this is a great way to share them!

    francesca |, a lifestyle and travel blog xx

    1. Definitely do a lil round up post like this, I'd love to see your snaps!x

  2. Lucy these are insanely cute!!! I adore the one of you eating an ice lolly haha. I have 2 disposable cameras from a few months ago that I still haven't developed but have absolutely no idea whats on them. This has totally motivated me to go and get them done!!!x

    1. Aww thank you! You need to get them developed!x

  3. Dude the photo of you eating an ice cream is how I want to be right now! And the last photo so flicking cool- I love these!! I want to get my cameras developed but I can't find them! Ah man this post has made me feel nostalgic and I have no clue why! (nostalgic in a good way) x



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