Hometown Take 2

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Around 18 months ago I wrote a post titled 'Hometown' where I spoke rather poetically about the prospect of leaving my hometown to create a new home at University. Little did I know what the next 18 months would bring but I thought I'd revisit the idea and express how I feel now about my hometown...
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When I walk through these fields and gaze at these views, I know that I'm at home. 
So many moments and memories have been consumed in this one vision, it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. 
This is where I've come from, where I am and where I belong for now.
I want to sit and look out at my home, really see my world for what it is. 
Hear every noise, smell every scent and notice where I really am. 
I used to do that, to sit and be but my mind was always thinking of my future home whilst my heart silently ached at the thought.
 I felt like I was so ready to go but reality taught me I wasn't.

18 year old me dying to escape to build a home somewhere else, she was fearless, unstoppable.

A year onwards and these views mean a whole lot more to me than to the girl I was. 
This is the place that has carried me through life, the setting to all my triumphs and failures. It has shaped me and it will always be shaping me into the person I am because every day it brings something new. 
I love this view and everything it captures within it, it's my favourite view. 
But I wanted to get away from it so badly that fate interfered and stopped that from happening and I felt helpless. Now I believe everything happens for a reason and the reason was I wasn't ready. 
Fate made me stay so I could fall and rise again to make me understand the person I truly am today. It made me grateful for my home, my hometown and made me no longer want to escape but to simply move on in my own time. 

As I sit here today I am really content with life. 
I no longer feel as if I'm wishing it away or wanting a life that's not mine, I'm enjoying being me and everything that that means. I appreciate my life and that's something that has taken me a long time to say. 
Things will happen when they happen, changes are inevitable and life is so so precious so love your home or find a home to love.

Lucy Jane 


  1. Lovely post and words Lucy, I'm currently home from London for a week and coming back after living away for so long always makes me feel a bit strange and displaced but it always feels like home. Your belt is lovely too! x

    1. I can imagine, home is where the heart is!x

  2. I feel like I've followed your journey this past year from the devastation of not being able to move away, of being ill, of feeling trapped and lost and ah gurl it makes me so so happy that you can confidently say how at peace and content you feel with your life and surroundings. YOU GO!!!! Those moments of acknowledgement are so important and idk, i think thats why I love blogging so much because its a place to document those thoughts and moments so you can reflect and remember how good it was/felt. I'm super proud of you for reaching that headspace and fuck me, where you live looks insanely beautiful (and that pic of your mum and the horse is so cute omg) xox

    1. Awww I feel like you've been on this journey with me!!! Exactly, I 100% agree, we are so caught up in life and to just acknowledge that actually everything IS going to be okay! Thank youuu, you need to come and visit! It is such a pretty little spot, I love it here!xx



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