My first year without results day

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Bralet: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: Charity Shop (Calvin Klein) // Jacket: DIY // Shoes: Converse

That time of year came around again so so quickly, the time where many bodies fill with dread but also with a lot of alcohol! A level results day was this past week so I'm assuming GCSE results day will be next week and for the first time in 5 years, I have no results to collect! Since being 13 years old I've been sitting exams and from Year 9 onwards, I'd spent every year awaiting these weeks in August to see if all my hard work had paid off. 
It does feel strange to me that this year, they're just ordinary weeks but it made me put things into perspective and I want to share that with you...

Results will not define who you are, what kind of a person you become or what you'll be able to achieve in life but they do help towards the next step. Never be shy of doing well, always be proud. Don't let anyone try to belittle your hard work and understand that everyones best ability is completely different. 
If things don't go to plan, take it all in your stride. Life throws curve balls at you all the time but they're made to test you. You have to push through, accept it, learn from it and come out stronger. Everything happens for a reason and may be the reason is your desired journey in life wasn't quite right for you just yet. 
Finally, go and celebrate! 
Whether your results were bad, good or okay, please have some fun and celebrate the fact you did it!
Our education system is so stressful in itself, even just getting through till the end is an achievement as you've dealt with all the work, struggles and pressures constantly put on students. Go be a teenager and get drunk for me because A levels are so so tough and you deserve a good time!

In the big picture of life, these lil few letters on that heavily anticipated piece of paper really and truly do not matter. As long as you have your health and happiness, everything else is a bonus!

So enjoy the pictures of me being happy and smiley and unapologetically myself because they are the results that this year has brought me. It may have been my first year without results day but this year I am the proudest I have ever been of myself. I faced huge challenges and I now feel like I'm out on the other side, that means more to me than any A* I ever received...

Lucy Jane


  1. I've had 2 years without results day now and I can't say that I miss it! Like you said, it doesn't define you - even though it feels that way at the time!

  2. Love this post! I collected my A Level results a couple of weeks ago and I was so scared that I wouldn't get the grades I wanted then get rejected from my first choice uni! Even though I was off by a few grades in one of my subjects, I still got accepted into the uni! It just shows that grades don't define you and your passion to study for a course you want to do :) A celebratory meal/drinks should definitely be done after anyone gets their results, it's great that they made it far with their education!

    venus |

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