Lucy Jane's perfect autumnal transition...

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Bodysuit: Boohoo // Skort: Boohoo // Jacket: Charity Shop // Bag: Marc Jacobs // Shoes: River Island // Necklaces: H&M & Topshop

The whole of the fashion world goes mad when seasons change because it's a time for new styles, new trends and lots of new clothes. I must admit, when I see all the new in A/W collections my heart does beat a little faster as the trends and styles are 100% me but that doesn't mean you have wear these trends. Transitional periods are about changing, adapting and growing and I think it's important to do this with your style.

I am completely in love with colour and always will be, just because autumn has arrived with its set colour palette means I have to stick to it, we need bold colours to brighten up these dreary days! Todays outfit summarises everything I want to show through my style and more. Even though it's the most perfect autumnal outfit, the colours and styles don't necessarily fit the stereotypical 'autumn fashion' we all see online, so I'm going to teach you how to achieve Lucy Jane's perfect autumnal transition..

1. Replace short sleeves for long sleeves and low necks for high necks with this perfect teal Boohoo body suit.
We all know that temperatures are dropping and we need these higher necks and longer sleeves in order to keep us snug. I am obsessed with these high neck bodysuits from Boohoo; they were £10, come in every shade under the sun and are such a staple piece in any transitional wardrobe! They can easily be paired with jeans for a more casual vibe or styled up with some flares for a lil night out. 
They are definitely an essential for making Lucy Jane's perfect autumnal transition. 

2. Embrace the bare legs for as long as possible with this cute check Boohoo Skort.
My summer consisted of an awful lot of sun and my natural tan is pretty good for me, it always feels like I'm admitting defeat when I start wearing pants or tights and I can't do that to myself just yet. 
This pretty Boohoo Skort is a great motivator when it comes to keeping away from jeans, checked skirts are everywhere this season and I think Boohoo have done it perfectly with this printed skort. 
I love the shape, the colour and even the buttons down the left hand side add a vintage touch. 

3. Add a coat for every occasion!
I own more coats than I do common sense but they really do finish off an outfit. If you get to warm you can always take it off and if you're too cold, just add on another layer underneath, I just love coats! The majority of my winter coats I've picked up from Charity Shops as they're so much cheaper than buying new and are always in incredible condition. 
In order to succeed at making Lucy Jane's perfect autumnal transition I insist you head to your local Charity Shop and browse amongst the coats!

So those are my three steps into becoming the perfectly transitioned autumnal Lucy Jane (such a strange statement to say).  
Whip out the high necks, embrace those bare legs and have a coat ready for anything!

Lucy Jane


  1. Love your style! The skort looks so cool and it suits really well with the bodysuit! Will definitely be looking in charity shops to find some nice autumnal coats!!

    venus |

  2. Obsessed with this!! You look amazing. I love how your outfits are always so coordinated, you look like a revamped Cher Horrowitz in this!! Love the skirt xo

    1. Ahhh I love that description of me, going to aim to look like a revamped Cher Horowitz more often, thank you!!!x

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