Why I love to be lost in a city

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Why I love to be lost in a city...

The city streets are overwhelming but the beautiful kind that inspires the senses.
People rush along with a racing mind to accompany, life is fast.
Street corners turn pages, new chapters can open with a crossing of a road.
So much to see, so much to do but really we're all doing nothing.
All work and all play, not really knowing where we go.
Cars screech, horns beep and crowds stomp along.
Parks pop up bringing a forced serenity, at peace in the jungle.
To relax is to escape, to sit, to read, to write, to be.
All this chaos and yet you can feel so strangely content.
I feel so strangely content.
Culture and diversity bring confidence and collaboration.
Accepting of the city and it's array of people.
Every changing, ever growing, hearts beating, harmony flowing.
So why do I love to be lost in the city?
Because the city can never truly be found.

Lucy Jane


  1. Love these photos!!! They're amazing!!

    Also I just started uploading again to YouTube so if anyone wants to check it out please feel free, it would mean a lot to me!!



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  3. Great photos! That sweatshirt looks so unique. Have a lovely day. xx


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