Charity Shop Transformation - DIY Abstract Print Denim Two Piece!

Friday, 28 December 2018

I'm back again with another Charity Shop Transformation and if you're thinking 'What the heck is that?!?', I'll give you a lil summary...
If you're an avid reader of my blog, you will know how much I adore Charity Shopping and how much I adore to share the pieces I find with you! My #CharityShopBop posts get such amazing feedback so I decided that Infinity of Fashion needed some more Charity Shop goodness as it's content I love to share and you love to read! So, I present to you...
Charity Shop Transformation!!!

One of the main comments I get when people try and go Charity Shopping is...
 'How do you find this stuff?! Whenever I go it looks just like my Grandparents wardrobe!'

Well yes, that's because it pretty much is but you have to look past that and think how YOU could make it your own. From turning skirts into two pieces, tops into crops, I want to show you how things that look awful on the hanger can be changed into something stunning! It's  more sustainable, its cheaper and you're money goes to a good cause. 

From the jacket, to the skirt to the red jumper, this whole look is 100% Charity Shop transformed simply by cutting up a few bits and adding my own personal touch...

Now I hope you all adore this two piece as much as I do!
My inspiration for this came from a necklace I'd picked up from H&M, it featured an abstract face and I thought wouldn't that be a fun idea to incorporate into a piece of clothing. I'd had this denim jacket (originally full length) for a while as I saw it brand new for £5 in a Charity Shop whilst I was in Epsom. Luckily enough, whilst searching through my favourite £1 shop I found this skirt and it was the perfect colour match. Add a black permanent marker and some red acrylic paint into the mix and the final product was this creation!
The red fleece was also a £1 transformation, all I did was crop a full length fleece and feed the elastic back through and sew up the seam. I've seen sooooo many similar items on Urban Outfitters, Topshop etc for at least £40 yet this cost me £1 and only took 10 minutes!!

I urge you all to pop into your local charity shop and get creative with what you find. Things may look so bland and boring on the hanger but this outfit proves you can create one of a kind fashion out of something very ordinary.
Let me know if you have a go at your own transformations and use the hashtag #CharityShopBop along with tagging me to do so!

Lucy Jane


  1. wow!!! this is such a cool outfit I 100% would buy this if i saw it hanging in a shop!! such a clever idea, i need to go charity shop shopping again soon!

    Tasha x

  2. This charity shop transformation is amazing! I absolutely love what you've one with the skirt and jacket!! This makes me want to go charity shopping and change up the pieces I buy!

    venus |

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